On The Horizon: EVERFLASH (01.08.) #11 /ENG./

The eleventh episode of On The Horizon takes us back to Hungary! In this article, you can read about the first EP of the modern pop metal band EVERFLASH titled "Számíthatsz Rám" (You can count on Me). Besides their songs, there are some information about their story.

On The Horizon: Darkest Point (12.01.) #10 /ENG/

In this episode of On The Horizon you can learn about Darkest Point from California and about their two new singles which are the heralds of the debuting album coming next year. Band: Darkest Point (USA) Single(s): Nightmares, A World We Used To Know (2021) Genre: Deahtcore The backstory of Darkest Point: They are a 3 members formation... Bővebben →

Discovery – #2: Leponexx (11.24.) /ENG/

In this part of our Discovery series we brought you Leponexx, they try to create a unique spot in the Hungarian underground music with taking inspiration from groove, death and progressive metal. In this interview you can learn about their new tracks and their upcoming album. Stay with us! Band: Leponexx (HUN) Genre: Groove Metal Current members:... Bővebben →

Discovery – #1: the False (11.17.) /ENG/

In our new article series, we introduce bands and musicians. Discovery above all contains interviews which help to bring closer the members of the musical world and the audience. In this first episode we chart the past years, current releases, and future plans of the Hungarian alternative rock band the False. Stay with us! Band:... Bővebben →

On The Horizon: Mhorai (11.10.) #8 /ENG/

In the eighth part of On The Horizon we take a closer look at the Hungarian deathcore and modern metal community’s big favourite Mhorai and their album called Hegemony which was released this year. If you want to experience the survival of a lone wolf in the freezing wild, then this is your chance. Band:... Bővebben →

One to Listen – ISOTOPES: Poisoned Autumn (10.16.) /ENG/

Why should you give „Poisoned Autumn” a chance? Poisoned Autumn is the second single of ISOTOPES and their most recognised track. It is outstanding regarding their other songs but this doesn’t mean that ISOTOPES is a one-hit wonder. Insomnia, Flower, RIP and Hurt are all great tracks with great potential but simply they somehow didn't... Bővebben →

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