Snack #6: FLOYA – Weaver /08.17./ ENG.

Exactly one week ago, the repertoire of the German alternative rock band FLOYA was expanded! Since March, there is almost no month without a single from them. Aiming for a very unique atmosphere and a lighter sound, the duo has a slightly slower but more personal song for August. Now it’s time to discover Weaver and the spectacular nature-themed music video that has become one of their trademarks!


Song: Weaver

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 2022/08/10

Label: Arising Empire

Why should “Weaver” be your song? FLOYA, rising from the ashes of ALAZKA and Time, The Valuator, was born this year. With its unique style (and not just in terms of music), FLOYA is a special addition to the Arising Empire line-up, which is especially impressive considering that the label is associated with IMMINENCE, Our Mirage, Landmvrks and AVIANA, among others. Of course, the list of promising bands primarily on the German-Swedish-French axis could go on, but let’s stick to FLOYA! The duo of singer Phil Bayer (Ex-Time, The Valuator) and guitarist Marv Wilder (Ex-ALAZKA) might at first sight seem more like a trio, thanks to the multiple guest appearances of drummer Tobias Lotze (Ex-ALAZKA), although it is important to note that the drummer on Weaver is different this time. In the midst of metalcore and post-hardcore bands, EDM-enriched modern rock can be a breath of fresh air, even more so if you want to break free from the comfort of your routine and just enjoy the moment, giving your passion for music a new shape. That’s in short what FLOYA is all about. It’s about the flow that grabs you and loosens your soul. A journey into the unknown. With Weaver’s energy, Phil’s beautiful voice and Marv’s unsurprising but still amazing guitar solo, it’s intoxicating. I wouldn’t leave untouched the personal connection that I’ ve already mentioned. Weaver, according to Phil, focuses on the sensitive subject of overcoming our inner demons. This is not an unfamiliar problem in the life of musicians, as stepping out of your shadow and reaching balance and inner peace is essential to success. Weaver is a three-minute long song, soft but deep in its own way. This may well justify why it should be on repeat, providing the perfect summer mood for our time off! And the music video is just the icing on the cake.

FLOYA – Weaver


by: Wolfy

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