On The Horizon: lépjünk a holdra (11.03.) #6 /ENG/

Why is the name Lépjünk a holdra (Let’s step on the Moon)? Back then Neil Armstrong did the same thing and wished it for his childhood neighbour because this is the only chance he can indulge his wife that way, if it is fulfilled. One thing is for sure that this band tries to take us higher in multiple ways, though I don’t know if it can give musical orgasm to the listeners. We want to get more people to know them by this short interview.

Band: Lépjünk a holdra (HUN)

Album: elfelejtettünk szeretni (2021)

Genre: Alternative

Lépjünk a holdra’s backstory: They started their journey to the Moon with 3 members in 2016 in a high school located in Gyöngyös, after that in 2017 they continued their work with 4 members (Márton Csikós, Benedek Kárpáti, Áron Kovács and András Ombódi). In their new track a new member Domonkos Lázár from Esti Kornél made an appearance. It isn’t surprising that they invoke many Hungarian alter bands with their instrumentation and lyrics, all of which can be experienced by their shorter and longer albums too. As it turns out from the interview as time passes, we can expect more songs from them.

We have asked the singer and one of the guitarists some of the topics that I (Fujimi) was interested in. I tried to ask about more abstract questions beside the usual ones and luckily András Ombódi was onboard with this idea and gave snappy answers.

Interview with András Ombódi singer-guitarist of the band.

We’ve already knew from previous articles that many other alternative bands can give you inspiration (Kispál és a borz, 30Y). Do you have a favourite writer or poet? Do they inspire you in the writing?

My personal favourite is the poet Attila József, it isn’t by chance that we adapted one of his poems. Beside him I like the work of Radnóti and Ady. Regarding prose I like to read Márai’s works.

To turn back to my previous question, Nevettető, zokogtató is a well-made adaptation from Attila József. Do you plan to musicalize other poems, or you have plenty of original lyrics waiting in the drawer (next to the knives)?

Usually, we write the lyrics for the music, so we don’t really have them in store but we do have another adaptation from Dorina Károly (Meg akarlak ölni) on our second album.

My personal favourite track from you is Kifúj. I found it truly multi layered and I noticed some reference to sleep paralysis, but don’t know if it was intentional. Was it? Did you experience such feelings?

Luckily I’ve never experienced anything like this but if I remember correctly it happened with others from the band, nevertheless it wasn’t intentional.

Which track are you most proud of? Why? What do you like to play on the concerts?

I think that the new songs are what make us proud, we always feel that the most recent is the best. I would say that the new album’s tracks are the best now and we are eager to show them.

Let me ask a couple of questions of the new track! On one hand it has a pretty joyful tune, but it has a sort of cognitive dissonance between the depth of the lyrics and the said words. What kind of atmosphere did you want to create? How was this song created? It must have some kind of catch.

“Éppen elég was made during the songs of the album elfelejtettünk szeretni, so I would like to answer the question from this side. The complete album is about the changes of human relations, and we wanted to present interesting or important themes, and we also wanted to create a more clear, simple work both in music and in the texts. That’s why I am happy that we’ve managed to speak about crucial themes in simpler forms while we could keep the necessary depths.”

At the „Nanananananana” part is it Akon’s or Géza Rácz’s impact that can be felt?:D

I think it should be judged by those who listen, I don’t know:D

Is there a reason why the refrain is so plain? The part „félkész éned” (half-made self) is there, and it’s quite strong but you didn’t stick with complex pictures not like in the verses.

It was a concept to have a simpler, easier to sing track in which there are still some layers. Listening to this song it may give a different vibe from our earlier works but looking at the whole album it has its rightful place

For my last question I would like to ask a more unpleasant one (I hope there weren’t any so far :D) How did the pandemic affect you? Did you manage to recover your cancelled concerts?

Many of our plans was crossed by this whole situation, but we keep on moving. Because of this along the album debuting concert in the Dürer Kert, we will have an online live session with the help of OMC Studio at the end of November. We try to prepare for every possibility.

Lépjünk a holdra: éppen elég

Elfelejtettünk szeretni’s first couple of segments gives us the feeling that we have a well-tempered album which continues its origins that were laid in 2016.

When and where can we meet with „elfelejtettünk szeretni”?  The album was released on 28.10.2021 and the live concert will be on 04.11.2021. in the Dürer Kert. I personally am very curious what can we expect from the complex images and metaphors. Based on „éppen elég” the title of the album isn’t a coincidence. The band never failed me, and I feel like those who visit the debuting concert will have a thrilling experience.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKQYmPs4sl0qG4imjk_vUw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lepjunk_a_h…

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2kQJCXg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lepjunkaholdra

iTunes: https://apple.co/2m6LT0J

Deezer: http://bit.ly/2kvmYTW

by: Fujimi, Wolfy & Shadow

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