On The Horizon: Fragda (01.29.) #14 /ENG/

The first album of the three-member band Fragda, which they have been working on since 2020, has finally been released! Read more about their beginnings and the story of “Damnation is Inevitable” in our latest article! Go for it!

Band: Fragda (HUN)

Album: Damnation is Inevitable (2022)

Genre: Deathcore

Backstory of Fragda – Get to know the band and the concept of their album Damnation is Inevitable, released this year, through their own words.

Fragda is a formation where old friends have found each other again musically. We searched for years for ourselves and the right place where we could move comfortably, and after almost 10 years we ended up together again. The band came full circle with the arrival of a young drummer who quickly settled into the atmosphere. It originally started as a solo project of Márton and after the release of the first EP, the others joined and saw their own expression in it. We keep it to this day.

When it comes to style, everyone wants to be very fancy. We play deathcore with black metal elements, but that is for you, the audience, to decide. Our musical inspiration comes mostly from the Nordic world, spearheaded by the projects of our dear colleague Buster Odeholm. We are also influenced by a lot of black, drone and other music. We really want to create a mood and convey it, not steal musical styles.

We have already started writing the material for Damnation is Inevitable in 2020 in our usual way, where Márton brings the main themes, edits them and together with the others we put them together, sample them and write the lyrics.

The main theme of the whole material is based on the Book of Revelation, both in lyrics and musical influences. You can hear several excerpts of narration, which are actual quotations from the biblical content and have been inserted into the appropriate places in the recording. The album reached its final form in two phases.

The mixing part was made at home, we sat down together several times and corrected any mistakes that occurred, and then, realizing that our options were limited, we took the tracks to a studio to master them. Our good friend Szabolcs Puha gave us a helping hand and hosted us at Record Low Studio, where we were finally able to finalize the tracks without any physical limitations. The drums on Damnation is Inevitable are played by Márk Molnár Lénárd.”

Current line-up:

Márton Ferenczi – vocals, guitar
Tamás Fejér – guitar, chaos
Tamás Vincze – bass guitar

One song that you shouldn’t miss: “Burning Legion”

Burning Legion is the closing track of the album. This five-minute monster is probably the best on the album! The distinctly oppressive opening guitar theme and the soft moans and other otherworldly sounds underneath perfectly evoke the apocalyptic atmosphere, which is only enhanced by a few lines of the Book of Revelation recited with sublime ambience. In itself, this is a terribly effective prelude to the finale. The song delivers the usual chugging beat of the album as a whole, all spiced up with subtle blastbeats. Sometimes the groove is interrupted by a distinctly ear-piercing screeching riff, which cleverly creates a wonderful disharmony. The end of the song also features some symphonic elements, which really brings the end of the world atmosphere!

Fragda – Burning Legion

Why should you give Hegemony a chance? Damnation is Inevitable could be your album if you are also interested in the darker aspects of theology and fantasy, and if you also like deathcore or black metal! The album is a great exploration of the bizarre and nightmarish content of the Book of Revelation. With black metal and symphonic influences, it authentically brings to life the dead, stale, chaotic atmosphere of Armageddon!

Fragda – Damnation is Inevitable

If you are interested in Fragda, you should follow our site, because soon you can meet the Hungarian deathcore band again in an interview! You can get a deeper impression of Fragda’s productions so far by using the links below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FragdaOfficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fragda.official/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9incXq7W6NEbhOBz1TopBg

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5mNWDBllI3C15aNY1eucFf

Bandcamp: https://fragda.bandcamp.com/

by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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