Snack #2: BLACKTOOTHED – Tidal Wave /07.06./ ENG.

BLACKTOOTHED, affiliated with Arising Empire, adds a new track to build excitement ahead of the release of their second album JULI out on the 29th of July! Get your headphones and ice cream ready, here comes Tidal Wave!


Song: Tidal Wave

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 2022/06/30

Label: Arising Empire

Why should “Tidal Wave” be your song? “Tidal Wave” is a slow, lethargic song, especially in the light of JULI’s previous releases, but the music video makes this atmosphere a little bit more crazy and even though we feel the weight of the lyrics, there is something inside us that brings a smile. How much chaos can come with a cone of ice cream, right? I won’t go into the explanation of what we have watched, because the beauty of a video clip like this one is that everyone can have a unique perspective on the different details. But let’s get to the point! Tidal Wave has delivered exactly why we can look forward to JULI! It’s different from the previous songs, it has a character, but it has its own elements that make it not strange to the style of the band. The verses are not fast-paced at all, the emphasis is clearly on the gorgeous clean vocals and the female backing vocals, the instrumental just provides the basics. The pre-chorus after the first verse prepares us for the tempo change and it is one of the, if not the, most beautiful jewels of the song! The refrain is, unsurprisingly for a BLACKTOOTHED song, more pulsating, with pleasing guitar playing. When it is first heard, it doesn’t show off its hit-making power as much, but this is due to its shortness, it develops further in the middle and end of the track with the distorted female vocals similar to electronic music. The intensity of Tidal Wave doesn’t match either the energy of Between You & The World or Pulse featuring Kassim Auale (ex-Alaska), even with the more vibrant clean vocals and guitar solo in the bridge, but that’s not where its beauty lies. Its lyrics make you think, the execution of its verses and pre-choruses strengthen this feeling of heaviness, in order to give us a sense of relief with the video clip, the chorus and the bridge. It’s a lighter, vibey track that’s plenty of fun to listen to and is also very entertaining. Serious, but somewhat unserious too. It attacks our mood of the moment from two directions! Consistent, quality work from BLACKTOOTHED.



by: Wolfy

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