Review – Atlas Hour: Conversations EP (08.04.) /ENG/


Band: Atlas Hour (USA)

Release Date: 2019. november 1.

Length: 19:10* (5 tracks)

Genre(s): Modern Rock, Alternative Metal


  1. Reality (3:53)
  2. Mind (3:53)
  3. Victim Syndrome (3:23)
  4. Heart Sounds (4:20)
  5. Cry (3:30)


The first track on the EP is „Reality”. A track blessed with a very well-done instrumental part which greatly increases the songs enjoyability. Pleasant bass guitar, vivid guitarplay and heart pumping drum. The vocal mainly consists of cleans, but at some parts it becomes more powerful, scream-like especially at the bridge. The chorus is fine but there are more breathtaking ones in the EP. It works better in the Heart Sound and Victim Syndrome. I would say that the most beautiful part of Reality is the closely 1 minutes of outro, where everything is in their place for a perfect closing. The guitar and the drum create an excellent atmosphere and the vocal adds to it perfectly, giving a new height to the song. I would risk that Reality has the best outro out of all songs in Conversations. I highly recommend it, Atlas Hours opened with a nice, atmospheric track.



The second track in Conversations is „Mind”. „Mind” and „Reality” are each others copies regarding the instrument usage, I would say the same things as in „Reality” with a few minor changes and differences. There are other similarities in the two songs. Their build is identical, there is only one plus chorus in Mind. The sequence of the verses, pre-chorus, chorus and the outro is the same. Although there are a few noticible differences, for example the longer verses and more vocal which result that the guitar and drum being in more supportive roles. The riffs can be heard simultaneously with the vocal, the bridge is shorter but more sonorous and the outro is a mildly modified chorus with less instrumental upbringing and closing. The vocal brings what we can expect, the instrumental is resourceful and we can feel the different atmosphere in Mind compared to Reality. A strong seven!



We have come to the most well-known track on the EP – Victim Syndrome which has its well deserved popularity. But we cannot say that it comes before the other tracks by a long shot because every song on Conversations are great worthy of listening. Quality comes from other sources, not just from here. But what exactly is the reason for this heartwarming welcome? Regarding of the structure Victim Syndrome sails to new lands. It begins with a whirling, gripping verse which is always a good start and can create a lasting curiosity for the song. The opening is perfect, both the vocal and the guitar feels like we are a part of a movie’s dramatic moment. After the first verse comes the inevitable: a more or less expectable massive riffs. In Victim Syndrome everything is in their place. The guitar suits the vocal perfectly, they sound extraordinary in the verses, pre-chorus and chorus, we won’t have any feeling about missing something. The drum is top-notch throughout the song, guaranteeing the rhythm. A fast paced, energetic and prim song. The refrain is a perfect score, a step forward compared to Reality and Mind. I cannot say anything rother about the brigdes that I said above about Victim Syndrome. An absolute beast. The only thing standing out of this is the outro which is a slow and clam but I wouldn’t say that it’s a mistake. It’s cool to have this little change in the end. Although Victim Syndrome is one of the shortest song in this EP, it’s rich nevertheless. A true masterpiece.



The EP’s fourth song isn’t disappointing either. Heart Sounds is a slower track but it has it’s own vigour especially in the chorus. The instrumental is intimate and quite enjoyable. The riffs are less-harsh, they follow the clean vocal but I wouldn’t say that it’s a disadvantage. On one hand it’s a welcomed freshness in Conversations and on the other hand the rhythm demands it. But prior to the last chorus, in the instrumental break the smuggled a stronger riff into the song. The combination of the more leisurely and the more vigorous segments and the ear-catching chorus result a song we can get stuck in. Victim Syndrome is the jewel of Conversations while Heart Sounds is more like the hero who has no tale. I should get more attention because the song deserves it.



The last song of Conversations is „Cry” which is again a slower with a more simple structure because of the two verses and one bridge aside from the chorus. To this structure come easy and simple riffs and at some parts we can find a more mysterious voice. I would like to mention the end of the bridge which becomes a more sanguine vocal. It is nice to see the brave experimenting that they try to show something new in the vocal parts. Compared to the strong seven Mind got, it is only a weaker seven Cry gets. It doesn’t mean that it can’t grow up to the expectations but it’s harder to name its characteristics. Cry has it’s own identity which is awesome and it’s good to see that they tried a different concept.



Conversations is a very good recommendation for Atlas Hour, they did a neat and precise job with their first EP. They have the potential to become a more popular band one day at least their debut is promising. If you fancy opening to modern rock or you already like this style then Atlas Hour and Conversations are an excellent idea.

RATING (Full EP): 8.0

Atlas Hour: Atlas Hour is a texan modern rock band. Their carrier started at the end of 2019 when they debut EP the subject of this article Conversations came out. In 2020 they introduced their first cover Dancing with a Stranger. The band’s songs focus mainly on the everyday problems of the self and the community. Atlas Hour consists of the following members: Parker Devlin (vocal), Justin Reaves (guitar), Brandon Johnson (bass) and Ross Forsythe (drums)

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