On The Horizon: Enter the Vortex (09.15.) #4 /ENG/

On The Horizon’s fourth episode is about Enter The Vortex and their second album’s song which was released in preview. Welcome Enter The Vortex and Desert Of Wailing Souls!

Band: Enter the Vortex

Song: Desert of Wailing Souls (2021)

Genre: Slamming Technical Deathcore

Enter The Vortex’s backstory: Marci, the singer-guitarist of the band said the following about the preparations of Netherwalk:

“We released our first instrumental album in 2020 but most of the songs were born before that. Our first song that is worthy of something was written by me and Robi in 2016. It was tweaked over the years due to our musical interests were changing too, this change can be seen in the breakdowns and slams”

After this the work continued with Marci’s lead and in 2020 they decided that the album is ready so they released it under the Netherwalk name. In the meantime Marci has progressed a lot with screams and soon after they added demonic vocal to the album which were featured on Slam Worldwide.

Marci added:

“What is important to know about us is that we are a full DIY band. The design, videos and every studiowork are done by us (at Kingslayer Audio). This is where our new member Máté comes in. We felt for a long time that we need someone who has knowledge about the genre and has many ideas to support our work. Máté joined us at the end of 2020, the beginning of 2021 with his death-intimidating voice and colorful fantasy.”

Marci and Máté also shared a little info about one of their work, flesh tearer.exe:

“As a little side project we made an 8bit Trap Metal track which has the title flesh_tearer.exe. The idea came form that we „memed” the infamous tech death band Rings Of Saturn’s decision to continue their work in an instrumental way, we kept on speaking about this so much that in the end we made this.”
“We put out a post in which we tell that from now on we make midi-based Super Mario Bros type beats, after 2 days the one minute and a half long beast was born.”

  • Márton Horváth – guitar, vocal and programming (2016- )
  • Róbert Horváth – guitar (2016- )
  • Máté Rédai – vocal (2020- )

Do you have any other (musical) project apart from this band? “Yes! Robi works with designs (follow him on instagram – holo.dreamz.designs). Marci creates beats and mixes at the prevouisly mentioned Kingslayer Audio. He already released 5 single as Laughing$kxll, currently he is working on an EP. Máté, under the very creative name which is his own, has a YouTube channel where he releases amateur musical bits, also you can find his writings on itsmatt.bandcamp.com. He is even part of an other band which is working on the first EP (instagram – theniceguysduo)”

What are your future plans? “In the future we would like some diversity, something new which will be a challenge for all of us, but faint heart never won fair lady so we welcome the challenges and tasks.”

Enter The Vortex: Desert Of Wailing Souls

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Why should Desert Of Wailing Souls be your song?  It’s a genuine Tech Death track in which we can find everything the genre is loveable for. The machine gun fire like drums, the low tuned bass, the fingerbraker riffs, the slamming breakdowns out of nowhere and the Cthulhu evoking screams can be all found for the pleasure of every deathcore fan. If you love bands like Vulvodynia or Rings Of Saturn then you won’t be disappointed in this track.

What can we expect from the upcoming album? After long thinking the guys decided to make their second album which continues the first one in a more chaotic way. These tracks are more crazy, more ugly and more epic but we’ve already counted on it because of the two tracks they released. Dark Bargain and Desert Of Wailing Souls are the heralds of the album. The second track is available on Slam Worldwide and became the band’s most popular song. Don’t miss it!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI7aekTJ3CsKL3k_6o0-IIA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enterthevortexmetal/

Bandcamp: https://enterthevortex.bandcamp.com/


by: Traidusk, Wolfy & Shadow

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