One to Listen – ISOTOPES: Poisoned Autumn (10.16.) /ENG/

Why should you give „Poisoned Autumn” a chance? Poisoned Autumn is the second single of ISOTOPES and their most recognised track. It is outstanding regarding their other songs but this doesn’t mean that ISOTOPES is a one-hit wonder. Insomnia, Flower, RIP and Hurt are all great tracks with great potential but simply they somehow didn’t reach the same heights. Probably Poisoned Autumn has a more hit song feeling (but I have to note that Flower has an even more hit song trait) so it can easily stuck in our mind and can be enjoyed after multiple listening.

What is the secret of this success? Firstly the instrumental is rhythmic and quite hammering. The drumming gives a good beat to the song and works well with the vocals. They give the strenght of the track. A trait of Justin that builds up the songs with changing the dirty and clean vocals constantly, it is the same with Poisoned Autumn. All these specifics give us a dynamic and diverse music from ISOTOPES, we don’t have to be afraid that they get boring. Their tracks can be easily distinguished. Beside the vocal and drums there are two aspects in Poisoned Autumn worth mentioning. One is the guitarplay which isn’t as essential as in other tracks (regarding the significance of vocals and drums in the track), but contributes perfectly to the concept and enjoyment of the song, especially following the hook. The other aspect which we will talk later about even more is the clip itself. It is a quality work from multiple perspectives, it takes some part of the Hurt videoclip, giving us the clue that we are talking about a bigger story blooming before us. Also the scenery is beautiful, the seasons (fall and winter) can be easily recognised. The past and the dramatizing of jealousy all received a stylish presentation. I gladly recommend Poison Autumn to those who are looking for a colorful and exciting hardcore band or just want to enjoy an energetic song with an amazing videoclip!

Genre: Melodic Hardcore


Song: Poisoned Autumn

Album: Single (2017)


Call it what you will,
I’ll call it like it is.

I’m infected by your presence,
The autumn sinks under my skin,
Uncontrollably it consumes me.

Can you feel the breeze?
It’s like a silent blissful weep.
The calm cold collects me,
As I turn away from the autumn roar.
Can you feel the breeze?
It’s such a silent blissful peace.
Another hollow winter,
The lonely freeze,
It sets me free.

Block out the light,
Cover the sun,
You were my poisoned autumn.
You’re better dead and gone.

Fall with the leaves,
Run away on winters breeze.
Fall with the leaves,
The winter cold is like gravity.

Attracting me, I feel at home,
Through the presence,
Of this season.
Two’s loneliness has become one.

Block out the light,
Cover the sun,
You were my poisoned autumn,
You’re better dead and gone.
Fall with the leaves,
Run away on winters breeze.
(Block out the light)
Just turn your back on me.

The song’s backstory: Those who are familiar with ISOTOPES’ tracks, or has heard and seen Hurt and its videoclip may encounter a sort of deja vu regarding Poisoned Autumn. It can be seen as the sequel to Hurt because of the videoclip but also in the lyrics we can find continuallity. Hurt is about break up while Poisoned Autumn is about the unintentional resurficing of previous relationship. Justin (the band’s singer) himself confirmed in an interview that Poisoned Autumn and Hurt represent a real situation lived through by him about ending a toxic relationship in which the other person didn’t want to move on. The message of the song is about leaving behind and letting go those people and relations which don’t have a future for us. According to Justin Miller to achive happiness in these life situations we actively have to leave the past behind and fight for the change. He also mentioned that the title (Poisoned Autumn) wasn’t a random pick. The title refers to the girl who inspired the track because she was born on an autumn day. On the other hand using the seasons (“poisoned autumn” & “run away on winters breeze”) seemed ideal to represent moving on. As the seasons change we progress from our past to our present.

What should you know about ISOTOPES? ISOTOPES is an australian hardcore band. Their carrier doesn’t go back too long, they formed the band in 2013 but their first single was only released 3 years later in 2016. Since their forming, ISOTOPES went through numerous member change. This year a new bass guitarist joined the team named Ange Morris. Currently they are a five members band: Justin Miller (singer), Joshua Woods (guitarist), Hamish Gibson (drummer), Bradley Stokes (guitarist) and the previously mentioned Ange Morris (bass). From this current formation it is only Justin and Joshua who were present during the making of Poisoned Autumn. ISOTOPES so far has released 2 EPs (Lost in 2016 and Fractures in 2019) and 6 singles. Their new track was released in August, titled Die Alone.


by: Wolfy & Shadow

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