On The Horizon: EVERFLASH (01.08.) #11 /ENG./

The eleventh episode of On The Horizon takes us back to Hungary! In this article, you can read about the first EP of the modern pop metal band EVERFLASH titled "Számíthatsz Rám" (You can count on Me). Besides their songs, there are some information about their story.

Discovery – #2: Leponexx (11.24.) /ENG/

In this part of our Discovery series we brought you Leponexx, they try to create a unique spot in the Hungarian underground music with taking inspiration from groove, death and progressive metal. In this interview you can learn about their new tracks and their upcoming album. Stay with us! Band: Leponexx (HUN) Genre: Groove Metal Current members:... Bővebben →

Discovery – #1: the False (11.17.) /ENG/

In our new article series, we introduce bands and musicians. Discovery above all contains interviews which help to bring closer the members of the musical world and the audience. In this first episode we chart the past years, current releases, and future plans of the Hungarian alternative rock band the False. Stay with us! Band:... Bővebben →

On The Horizon: ISOTOPES (11.12.) #9 /ENG/

In the ninth episode of On The Horizon we are taking you abroad again! This time with the Australian band ISOTOPES and their august single “Die Alone”. In addition to the usual stuff we are also bringing you some behind the scenes videos!

On The Horizon: Landless (11.03.) #7 /ENG/

It’s our first, but not our last time going abroad in our On The Horizon series. Starting it off with none other than the Slovakian based metalcore band, Landless, who you can know from the YouTube channel Dreambound. In this article we will be focusing on their first album, Mirrors, released this September, the phases... Bővebben →

One to Listen – ISOTOPES: Poisoned Autumn (10.16.) /ENG/

Why should you give „Poisoned Autumn” a chance? Poisoned Autumn is the second single of ISOTOPES and their most recognised track. It is outstanding regarding their other songs but this doesn’t mean that ISOTOPES is a one-hit wonder. Insomnia, Flower, RIP and Hurt are all great tracks with great potential but simply they somehow didn't... Bővebben →

One to Listen! – Motionless In White: Timebomb (10.02) /ENG/

Why should you give „Timebomb” a chance? Founded in 2005, the scrantonian Motionless In White gained huge popularity since their first album which was released in 2010. They worthy of it because they always evolve album after album, having numerous hit songs. Regarding their style it’s quite colorful, from metalcore to goth metal, featuring industrial... Bővebben →

Review – Lorna Shore: …And I Return To Nothingness! EP (09.25.) /ENG/

...AND I RETURN TO NOTHINGNESS (EP) Band: Lorna Shore (US) Release Date: 2021. Augusztus 13. Length: 18:22 (3 tracks) Genre: Blackened Deathcore TRACKLIST: To The Hellfire (6:05) Of The Abyss (5:44) …And I Return To Nothingness (6:12) I. TO THE HELLFIRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyYmS_iBcy4 The opening track of the EP is non other than the famous To The Hellfire. It truly stirred up the stagnant... Bővebben →

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