Discovery – #1: the False (11.17.) /ENG/

In our new article series, we introduce bands and musicians. Discovery above all contains interviews which help to bring closer the members of the musical world and the audience. In this first episode we chart the past years, current releases, and future plans of the Hungarian alternative rock band the False. Stay with us!

Band: the False (HUN)

Genre: Alternative Rock

Current members

  • Tibor Szilágyi – singer, rhythmic guitar
  • Miklós Valter – vocal, solo guitar
  • Aurél Kósa (Maky) – drums
  • András Ábrahám – bass guitar
Utad (Album) - 2018
Maradj magad (Album) - 2019
Nem bánom (Single) - 2021
Élet (Single) - 2021
Engedj (Single) - 2021

What should you know about the False? What kind of songs can you expect? What was the inspiration for their new works? You can find these answers and many more from the interview with the band. Let’s get started!

How would you define yourselves?

We play alternative rock, and we will never give up!

From where did the name the False came?

It is an abbreviation, and it sounds cool! We think that the name doesn’t define a band’s success.

Which bands or musicians inspired you?

Tibi was inspired by Miki and vice versa Maky our drummer was influenced by Bikini but there are other Hungarian formations which we like, for example Vad fruttik.

What do you like most in playing music and what do you think is the most challenging?

We enjoy each other’s company and the feeling of belonging somewhere and the fact that we cannot play without each other on the stage.

Do you have a personal favourite in the tracks released so far? If you do, then please explain why!

To me (Tibi) the best is Minden reggel. That was our first studio track, and it left a deep mark in me, the song itself is very thought-provoking. For Miki it’s Élet, he always liked our newer works. For Maky it’s Maradj magad, and Bandi couldn’t decide, he likes them all.

Let’s talk about your summer releases’ First about Élet. what is the backstory what are the similarities and differences with/from your previous tracks?

It’s about that we are all equal when we born but as we grow, we have to decide our actions and relations with others and with life itself. Therefore we choose the title Élet (life). Every new song is a little different that’s why we can always evolve.

How would you detail Engedj? Where did the idea come for the videoclip?

Engedj is a very colourful track, it shows two ends. There is the song and the clip which is completely different. The idea was born in Tibi’s head, and it also looks cool.

the False – “Élet”

the False – “Engedj”

What are your main plans and motivation for the coming years?

To play at a lot of places, many studios work and to play at even more places. To bring joy to the audience!

As a closing: when and where can we meet you next time?

On the 13th of November we play at the Sgt. Pepper’s Cafe & Bar in Budapest, after that on the 20th of November we will play on a private concert for the fans. Next year on the 15th of January we will play on a charity event.

If the False has got your attention and you want to get familiar with them then click on the following links to listen to their old and new tracks:






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