On The Horizon: EVERFLASH (01.08.) #11 /ENG./

The eleventh episode of On The Horizon takes us back to Hungary! In this article, you can read about the first EP of the modern pop metal band EVERFLASH titled “Számíthatsz Rám” (You can count on Me). Besides their songs, there are some information about their story.


EP: Számíthatsz rám (2021)

Genre: Pop Metal

EVERFLASH’s background: the band was founded in 2019 by Rókus Varga – drums (Artica Sound), Gergő Módos – guitar (Backseat), Balázs Pásztóy – bass (Nova Prospect, The Idoru) and Márton Bencze – guitar (Slytract, Conan’s First Date). This group already knows each other well, the band’s predecessor was formed in 2001, which after a few gigs, songs and videos together finally split up and everyone was looking for a new challenge in their musical career. Since then, the members of the group have gone their separate ways and become an integral part of the mainstream music scene, achieving success, but always missing something. A few years ago, Rókus had the idea to reunite the group. Gergő, Balázs and Marci said yes without a second thought and together they dreamed up the new EVERFLASH. Roland Bihal (PartYssimo, Bihal Roland & The Crew, Megasztár 6 final, No Thanx) joined the band as a singer in 2021, forging the team into a whole. EVERFLASH is a modern pop-metal band, writing songs with a bold use of classic metal riffs and mixing them with modern day musical elements, dynamic melodies and some electronics. The band’s debut songs were written during the pandemic era. The 3 singles recorded with the new line-up were released on 14 November 2021.

Current Line-up:

  • Roland Bihal – lead vocals
  • Rókus Varga – drums
  • Gergő Módos– guitar
  • Márton Bencze – guitar, vocal
  • Balázs Pásztóy – bass guitar

What you shouldn’t miss: “Üvöltsd, hogy halljam!”

Without a doubt, “Üvöltsd, hogy halljam!” is the song where I feel like they have it all that is needed. First of all, a very catchy chorus with a full-bodied vocal. Strong atmosphere, enjoyable and varied use of instruments. The drums set the mood very well, I really liked the energy at the beginning of the last chorus. I can’t leave the guitarists without a word, as they played a big part in the song and delivered as expected! The guitar riff at the lead-in, with the interlocking drumming and the increasingly mechanical thought fragments, is phenomenal. The only thing that left me a little empty were the verses, but that may have been due to the choruses: the verve and emotion I experienced in the chorus set the bar very high. However, I’d definitely note that there are unintentional areas for improvement on a debut EP. An encouraging start would be guaranteed for this track alone, but with the other songs we can find and enjoy more! Overall, it’s a confident production from EVERFLASH without any questions!

EVERFLASH – Üvöltsd, hogy halljam!

Why should ‘Számíthatsz Rám’ be your perfect choice? The freshly released EP brings with it both a sense of unity and a range of characterful songs. The main bond for the three tracks is obviously the genre, so the mixing of vocals typical for pop with the instrumentals that are common in metal. In addition, for example, the speech-like vocals that appear on “Üvöltsd, hogy halljam!” are a reappearing element on “Hidd el!“, although there is a noticeable difference between the two segments. The atmosphere of Hidd el! is more elevated than its counterparts, foreshadowing the coming of something new and unprecedented. The title track, Számíthatsz Rám, is the slowest song on the EP, a calmer, more melancholic track, especially on the verses. The connection can also be found in the latter two tracks, as both have added pre-choruses to the lyrical structure. But what’s to love about the 12 minutes of Számíthatsz Rám? First, it could be an ideal new treat for fans of pop rock, because modern pop metal gives you something different, but not so much that it feels unfamiliar. For alternative rock and rock lovers, I could also safely recommend this little outing, especially if you’re looking for a new band on the international stage. Although after three songs, all the powder is far from being fired and there is still plenty of variation left in the bag. This could be another reason why EVERFLASH is worth keeping an eye on in the coming years!

If you’re interested in EVERFLASH and would like to follow their work, you can find them using the links below.


by: Wolfy & Shadow

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