Discovery – #2: Leponexx (11.24.) /ENG/

In this part of our Discovery series we brought you Leponexx, they try to create a unique spot in the Hungarian underground music with taking inspiration from groove, death and progressive metal. In this interview you can learn about their new tracks and their upcoming album. Stay with us!

Band: Leponexx (HUN)

Genre: Groove Metal

Current members:

  • László Szabó – Vocal
  • Dávid Kovács – Vocal & Guitar
  • Kata Zolnai – Guitar
  • Sándor Bokor – Guitar
  • Attila Bede – Bass guitar
  • Roland Ökrös – Drums
Brutális Majális (EP) - 2017
Nekünk Texas (EP) - 2020
Maradj meg ember (Album) - 2021*

Where did the name come from? What is „Voltam Így” about? What are the plans for the future? You can get all the answers from this interview. Let’s start!

How would you describe yourself?

We are a groove metal band working with hungarian lyrics.

Where did your name Leponexx come from?

We came up with this name in our old formation. We needed a name which sums up our craziness from those times. We wanted to head to that direction, with ever crazier and colorful music. But we gave up soon because we started to get interested in music more and more. There is two X in the name to avoid any issue in relation with the name of the medicine. Also it sounds cool.

Which bands and musicians inspired You?

We could go on forever. Basically we like lots of bands and musicians within the rock/metal community.

What does music means to You? What did it mean in the past and in the present?

I don’t really know what to say. It started as a hobby but it gets more serious in time just like with others.

What is the most personal track for you and why?

I can only repeat myself, it depends on the person, each one of us has a different track which we hold close to ourselves.

Is there any other music style you like or take inspiration from it beside metal?

Of course. Our members have a wide interests regarding this matter. Progressive rock, rap or ragga are just a few examples. Even jazz and movie soundtracks are in the picture! Not all style is represented in our music but who knows? We like to push the boundaries.

What is the background of your new song „Voltam így”? What kind of personal experiences does it feed of?

I would like to quote our singer László Szabó: „Voltam így” shows a mirror to those who share the life of the male members of our current society. It’s easier to find pleasure in porn than to touch the house witch. Maybe it gives a little hope to these men who feel the same way. It’s obvious that something else is needed because nothing is good, nothing makes us happy even the constant snuffle of the one next to you. The rest is up to you to figure out.

What gave you the idea for the videoclip of „Nem adom”? What did you enjoy the most during shooting and what was the hardest in it?

We had many ideas. Our original thoughts were completely different than the final product. I think we overcomplicated it so we had the most problems with the story elements. Until the cameraman/director came up with a simpler concept. The shooting was full of messing around just like everything else.

When can we expect something new from you? Are you thinking about some new tracks or album?

The full album will drop in december!:)

What are your short- and long-term plans for the future?

We didn’t have any concerts in the last year. This was because of the given situation but even when we had the chance we didn’t go anywhere. We had a full focus on our album so we would like to play it at the concerts. We miss the stage!

When and where can we expect to see Leponexx?

We also would like to know that. We hope hat we can go to several places with our abum.

If you would like to know more about Leponexx and their work, the songs and the new album then click ont he link below:





*upcoming album

by: Traidusk, Wolfy & Shadow


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