On The Horizon: Mhorai (11.10.) #8 /ENG/

In the eighth part of On The Horizon we take a closer look at the Hungarian deathcore and modern metal community’s big favourite Mhorai and their album called Hegemony which was released this year. If you want to experience the survival of a lone wolf in the freezing wild, then this is your chance.

Band: Mhorai (HUN)

Album: Hegemony (2021)

Genre: Deathcore, Melodic Death

The band’s backstory: Mhorai [ˈmorɒj] is a newly formed band from Hungary. It was founded by Máté Köteles (guitar) and Gergő Floszmann (vocal). Previously they played together in the heavy metal band Living Steel and until 2020 in the Unmuting Absolution so they had plenty of time to get to know each other’s musical works. In the summer of 2020, the two of them decided to start a new project and they begin to write and create their first songs and demos in a home studio. The common idea was the dominance of scream vocal, the ferocity based on deathcore and the atmospheric background tunes. The following bands had the most impact in Mhorai’s work: Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy and Bleed From Within. In January 2021 the first small album was released as a studio project, the title was Liberation and it was a massive success. Many professional sites like HammerWorld, Shockmagazin and Metal.hu have started to write about them. The newly found reputation showed that there is a demand for this style of music and that in time they have to expand their membership. After the release of their second song (Plain River) Tamás Gáspár (bass) joined with his black metal taste and ideas. Keeping the pace they released 4 small albums in half a year. In their Chert song the singer of Nygmalion Krisztián Gaál makes an appearance, while the heaviness of Wolves indicated the release of an exciting debuting album. During these releases the band was focused on finding a drummer. After more than ten candidates due to various reasons they chose Bence Magvasi who joined Mhorai in the summer of 2021 and they begin to work on the live event. Beside this they announced their first album’s release. Hegemony contains 10+1 tracks, and it was released in physical and digital form on the 26th September 2021 with the help of Metal.hu. The theme is about the grey wolves, throughout of five songs we can follow a storyline about a wolf capable of changing her skin. The band also chose the wolf as their symbol, a female wolf with glowing yellow eyes. After the release, Mhorai decided to go on a 10-stop tour in Hungary in 2021, their future plan is to bring their music abroad too.

Current line-up:

  • Gergő Floszmann – vocal
  • Máté Köteles – guitar
  • Tamás Gáspár – bass
  • Bence Magvas – drums

The one you shouldn’t miss out: „Dive”

In the second half of the album, you can find Dive one of the most powerful track. The tight tempo doesn’t le tus to have a moment of rest. The massive amount of blastbeats and ear-catching riffs are all tied together by an intense atmosphere giving an epic feel to the song. The instrumental feels like a mix between Bleed From Within and early Make Them Suffer with a pinch of As I Lay Dying. The vocals invoke Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) for me, those deeps are astonishing. It’s a magnificent combination be sure to check it out.


Why should you give Hegemony a chance? If you like thrilling melodies, songs soaked in distinctive atmosphere and deathcore itself then you must listen to Hegemony. The tacks have a strong coherent sounding which holds the album together without becoming repetitive, all songs have a unique element that differentiates it from the rest. A sweeping chorus, a chunky breakdown or a Hungarian segment wedged in the English lyrics, so it can be shouted during concerts. I would recommend the album even for those who are only getting familiar with the deathcore genre, thinking that it’s a too chaotic and loud style. The atmospheric parts and melodies help to take in this piece of work but of course we can still find those elements what we love deathcore for. Hegemony is a well-made debuting album worthy of attention.

Hegemony (Spotify): https://open.spotify.com/album/5s6CxyVxEH2ieekv9doA2b

On the 22 October the Hegemony Tour has started, and it doesn’t stop until December. They will play at 10 towns in 11 different places, the next stop is in Budapest on the 13 November. It will be held in the Blue Hell & KVLT and there is nothing to be afraid of regarding the exciting, sensational mood. You can find more info about their tour below:

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If Mhorai has gotten your attention, then be sure to follow their new contents coming soon. We are preparing with a concert report and with an interview so you can learn more about them and the ecstasy cause by their concerts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mhoraimetal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mhorai_official/

Website: https://www.flowcode.com/page/mhorai

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/48D3F5dD0WHT1RtxwFuUP3

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr8NS_FW5wcowOFwtNPQXRg

Bandcamp: https://mhorai.bandcamp.com/

by: Traidusk, Wolfy & Shadow

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