On The Horizon: Nest of Plagues (03.09.) #17 /ENG/

Nest of Plagues, from Budapest, Hungary, have just released the next herald of their upcoming album, Heredity! In the seventeenth On The Horizon you can learn more about the meaning of the song and we also tell you to whom we recommend it most! Let’s go!

Band: Nest of Plagues (HUN)

Song: Heredity

Genre: Deathcore

The backstory of Nest of Plagues: Nest of Plagues is a band formed in July of 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. The band mixes heavier genres of metal like death metal, deathcore, groove metal, metalcore with different techniques of growling and melodic screaming/singing. The band also uses melodic guitar harmonies and a lot of sampler/keyboard and other electronics. Their first full-length album ‘End of the Comedy‘ was released in January 2018. Since then they dropped 7 singles with music videos, toured in Hungary and managed to build a solid fanbase in the country. Their second full length album ‘To Kill A God’ is coming this April.


  • Nest of Plagues (EP) – 2016
  • The Faceless Ones (Single) – 2017
  • End Of The Comedy (Album) – 2018
  • Memento For Her Deeds (Single) – 2019
  • Choke (Single) – 2020
  • Megalomania (Single) – 2020
  • Inferno (Single) – 2021
  • Struggle (Single) – 2021
  • Unimprint (Single) – 2021
  • Heredity (Single) – 2022

Current line-up:

Dániel Ivanics - vocals, bass guitar
Máté Breier - guitar
Evelin Kövecses - guitar
Balázs Fűr - drums

What is ‘Heredity’ about?

Heredity explores the theme that a variety of physical and mental health problems can often be traced back to genetics; you may have them as a result of genes that have been encoded into you by your ancestors. The song is about the burden that you have to carry with you for the rest of your life because of that. It’s your heritage.”


Why should ‘Heredity’ be your song? If you like the more melodic sound of metalcore, but at the same time the raw anger and relentlessness of deathcore, then Heredity is for you! The song combines different key elements of both genres well. We find here a keyboard-supported melodic chorus, guitar themes reminiscent of Erra and Currents, and breakdowns that sound really good. In the spirit of deathcore, all of this is milked with some fry screams in some parts, which gives the track a great spiciness, bringing AngelMaker to life in front of my spiritual eyes.

What can we expect from the album, which will be released in April? The two previous singles, Heredity and Unimprint set the bar pretty high, so if the rest of To Kill A God is as good as the ones mentioned above, we will get a great album. I have a hunch, though, that these guys haven’t fired all their shots yet!

If you liked Heredity then you should also check out the band’s previous songs. In April, the sequel, To Kill A God, is coming! You can keep up to date with the album, concerts and everything else by following Nest Of Plagues on social media. You can find all the relevant links below.

Nest Of Plagues

by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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