Snack #1: Keepsake – Stargazing /07.02./ ENG.

The three-song debut EP “Slowburn” by the Australian band Keepsake was released last year, in April. About a year on from its debut, the journey continues and a new single gives us a more accurate picture of the band’s universe. Let’s see how Stargazing turned out!

Band: Keepsake (AUS)

Song: Stargazing

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Release Date: 2022/06/28

Label: –

Why should “Stargazing” be your song? The shorter, melodic intro and the screams of the first verse set the mood and give you an idea of what to expect in the remaining minutes. That’s right! The unique beauty of melodic hardcore. The melodic guitar playing and the almost shouty, energetic dirty vocals draw us in, but the dynamic of the drums doesn’t leave us wanting either. In some points, the drums are even more than expected to compete with the guitars and vocals! Fitting to the style, the speech-like snippets of thoughts lurking in the background are not missed throughout the song, providing a little breather before the chorus. In the chorus, the screams are replaced by clean vocals, before the most magical part of Stargazing. The bridge opens with a soulful dirty vocal section, with some bass guitar riffs and drum accompaniment (which returns once more within the bridge), followed by a beautifully executed clean vocal segment where the vocals and the guitars create a perfect harmony. Truly atmospheric moments, especially when you are watching the video clip. After the bridge, the screams take the lead again, and we also get some background vocals. The last verse is followed by the outro, giving the guys the opportunity to shoot the rest of their gunpowder, both in terms of vocals and instrumental. To sum up, Stargazing is a well put together track that can easily be described as promising for the future. For the full experience, it is recommended to watch the video clip, but it can be enjoyed on its very own!

Keepsake – Stargazing


by: Wolfy

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