Spotlight: Dreamscapes – Wasteworld (07.16.) ENG.

The Australian band Dreamscapes released their fifth single in early July, featuring none other than deathcore legend CJ McMahon! In the latest Spotlight let’s take a closer look of the track “Wasteworld“!

Band: Dreamscapes (AUS)

Song: Wasteworld

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date: 2022/07/01

Wasteworld is a really creative single that mixes elements from several different genres. There’s the metalcore guitar themes and the melodic chorus, the occasional rapping segment sneaks in some nu-metal vibes, the breakdown has the djent coming in to claim its own airtime, and finally CJ brings the deathcore with the apocalypse, topping the whole song off! If you like the above mentioned genres, you can’t miss Wasteworld!

What is Wasteworld about?

“Wasteworld is about a dystopian future where civilization is left in ruin by mankind’s doing, mostly by the big companies.”

Can you tell us something about the collaboration with CJ McMahon? What was it like working with him? How did the collaboration come about?

“CJ is an extremely loud vocalist hahahaha! The windows would rattle when he was screaming, and I swear I felt my bones do the same. It was amazing working with him, he was a very professional yet chill person to work with, he was willing to do whatever we asked of him! He put up a post of his Facebook about doing a couple collaborations and we jumped straight at the thought of it!”

What are your future plans?

“Keep releasing music!”

If you’re interested in Dreamscapes, you can find out all about them at the links below!


by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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