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The newly reorganised band from Budapest, Wake ‘N’ Break, has launched their first single, which addresses a relevant and relatable topic for everyone. But what exactly is Jail about? Read our article to find out!

Band: Wake ‘N’ Break (HUN)

Song: Jail

Genre: Metalcore

The backstory of Wake ‘N’ Break:

The band was founded in 2018 in Budapest, by four people. In 2021, the band went through a transformation, and currently has 5 members, with two new members (one new member and one returning). Their goal is to create a unique sound and style within the metal sphere. They play only their own songs and are currently working on their first album. Their songs are inspired by the characteristics of early metalcore and nu metal. Their music features breakdowns, scream elements and some blast beats. At the same time, they also represent a more melodic direction.


Jail (Single) – 2022

Current line-up:

Gergő Hajdi – Vocals
Áron Székely – Guitar
Bálint Heizer – Guitar
Dávid Blahó – Bass
Márton Csuka-Fügedy – Drums

What is ‘Jail’ about?

“I’m sure everyone knows someone (if not themselves) who’s stuck in a rut, working from 9-5 with no hope. It is noticeable worldwide that more and more people are living this way of life, and also have no time for their own mental/physical/emotional well-being. I think this goes back to a very long time ago (basically as long as there has been some form of employment) and the work-life balance is getting worse.
We are trying to remind people that this is not the way to go in the long run, everyone should try to take better care of themselves, because you can ruin yourself (unfortunately we have personal experience of this). The main thing is not to work, sleep, work, sleep, get drunk with friends on the weekend, forget everything and then start all over again on Monday. Obviously, we could talk about this for hours, but I think everyone can relate to that feeling.”

– Márton Csuka-Fügedy (Drums)

Wake ‘N’ Break – Jail

About the music video:

“The clip came to my mind after we had recorded the music, and while I was listening back for the hundredth time, a visual image started to form in my head. After that, I listened to it for a hundred more times, and I finally wrote a script. Once everyone had checked it off and added their own thoughts, the organisation began. It was quite a tough process as we had no experience in this kind of thing, but hats off to everyone for organising the locations, the costumes, the props, the transportation, the dates, everything. I would also like to say a special thanks to Bence Olajos, who was responsible for the lights and the technical background, and to Dániel Jancsó, who was also the cameraman and the editor. They brought a huge amount of professionalism and experience to this two-day shoot. I think everyone put their heart and soul into the project and we are trying to convey a genuine message about an existing phenomenon.”

Why should “Jail” be your song?

If you like the slower paced, heavier, dirty vocal oriented metalcore tracks, then the crushing power of Jail might be ideal for you! Best consumed after a good 8-10 hour long shift!

What can we expect from Wake ‘N’ Break in the future?

‘Jail’ suggests a promising start both musically and in terms of the music video, and it will definitely be worth waiting for the upcoming singles and the forthcoming debut album!

If you liked “Jail” and you are interested in the band, then don’t hesitate to follow the links below to get the latest information about new releases and upcoming concerts!

Wake ‘N’ Break

By: Traidusk & Wolfy

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