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In the latest episode of On The Horizon, we return once again to Sweden. The Nordic country, home to so many promising bands, is represented this time by Tears Of A Fallen Hero. The Gothenburg-based pop punk band released their newest single, Scream in the silence, on 2 September, which is the fifth single from their forthcoming debut album.

Band: Tears Of A Fallen Hero (SWE)

Song: Scream In The Silence 

Genre: Pop punk, Punk rock

The backstory of “Tears Of A Fallen Hero”:

“Tears of a fallen hero is a Swedish band from Gothenburg. It all started as a project in late 2017 with three members from their former band “Hero in action”. The bands intention is to make melodic, catchy music with a heavy touch, with alot of feeling to it. Be on the lookout for more, this is just the beginning. The bands first full lenght album “Save us from ourselves” has been finished during the year and it all starts of with the first single “Come Closer” on the 14th of January 2022. The second single “Yours to destroy” was released 11th of February 2022. At the time we released “Yours to destroy” Patrik Karlsson joined the band as our fulltime bassman. March 11th the 3rd single “Black and blue” was released. The 4th single ”Further than i can” was released April 15th. The 5th and last single from the upcoming album ”Scream in the silence” was released september 2nd. Full record will be released during fall 2022.”


  • Halo (single) – 2017
  • A hymn for the broken (single) – 2018
  • Until the last breath (single) – 2018
  • Room 4 (single) – 2019
  • For the future generation (single) – 2019
  • A hymn for the broken (single, piano version) – 2020
  • Come Closer (single) – 2022
  • Yours to destroy (single) – 2022
  • Black and blue (single) – 2022
  • Further than i can (single) – 2022
  • Scream in the silence (single) – 2022
  • Save us from ourselves (album) – 2022*

Current line-up:

Rick Steele – Vocals, lyrics
Daniel Hultberg – Guitar
Robin Kärnestedt – Drums, keys and programming
Patrik Karlsson - Bass

What is the meaning of the song?

Scream in the silence is about being in a dark place and if or when you get the chance to come out of it, you need to take it.”

Tears Of A Fallen Hero – Scream In The Silence 

Why should ‘Scream in the silence’ be your song? Before we go any deeper into the atmosphere of ‘Scream in the silence‘, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about ‘Black and blue‘ for a few sentences. I got to know the band thanks to their single ‘Black and Blue‘ from March, which already made me feel that their project was worth following, as it has the potential to be a great one. It’s always special to see the step by step growth of a musician or a band, the new milestones they reach. Although not much time has passed between the two tracks and the release of the album may be more representative of the band’s strengths and weaknesses, Scream in the silence is also significant, especially shortly before the album’s debut. What do we get in this nearly 4-minute song? First and foremost, a great amount of energy which shines through in all aspects. There’s a pulsating instrumental, giving the slower vocal segments a throb. The guitar playing seems to be the main creator of the dynamism, however I wouldn’t argue the importance of the drums as they greatly aid the transitions between the different structural parts. The vocals remain clean vocals throughout, there are no screams, but this is not surprising given the style of the band. In contrast to the slower, more melancholic vocals of Black and blue, Scream in the silence features a more upbeat, dynamic approach, apart from the more atmospheric, more relaxed bridge. All in all, Scream in the silence is a delightful, thoughtfully constructed song, for which a music video has been filmed to further develop the lyrics.

What can we expect from Tears Of A Fallen Hero in the future? By listening to the five singles, we can get some perspective on what to expect when the album is released, making it easier for us to decide how much of this album we can call our own. In some areas, you can still feel the band’s sound is being polished and a certain identity is evolving that could become a defining characteristic long-term. You can definitely tell that Tears Of A Fallen Hero is striving for variety and that they know what direction they want to go and what they want to focus on. They are only at the beginning of their journey with the release of their first full-length album, but that is another reason not to lose them from your sight! Receiving feedback and gaining experiences about the album will help the band to make significant progress, especially if they manage to capture the interest of their potential audience with a quality album.

If you don’t want to miss the debut album of Tears Of A Fallen Hero, entitled Save us from ourselves, which will be out later this autumn, then it might be a worthwhile idea to follow the band’s social media platforms. You can find most of them at the links below!

Tears Of A Fallen Hero

*The album will be released in a few weeks

by: Wolfy

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