On The Horizon: Devoid (01.24.) #27 /Eng./

In the very first On The Horizon of the year 2023, we bring you the latest record from the Győr-based band Devoid, ‘Parallel Realities‘!

Band: Devoid (HUN)

EP: Parallel Realities (2022)

Genre(s): Death metal, groove metal

The backstory of “Devoid”:

Devoid from Győr was formed in 2018, the same year they released their first self-titled EP. After the release of their first EP, the band went through several member changes. In 2020, with the release of their album ‘Fake Gleam‘, the line-up was cemented and the band started touring all over Hungary.

Dusk‘, the band’s second album released in 2021. It was a milestone in the band’s life, as it received a positive critical reception from the Hungarian press. After nearly 100 concerts, the band signed a contract with Metal.hu in 2022, and their five-track EP ‘Parallel Realities‘ was released under the new label!


Devoid (2018) - EP
Fake Gleam (2020) - Album
Dusk (2021) - Album
Parallel Realities (2022) - EP

Current line-up

Szilárd Waldmann - vocals
Csaba Nyemcsek - guitar
Zoltán Macher - guitar
Adrián Papatyi - bass
Attila Horváth - drums

Which song would the band members pick from the Parallel Realities tracks?

“From the EP, I would choose ‘Can’t Set‘ as my personal favourite, but I’m sure everyone else would do the same. This track is absolutely something we’ve never done before in terms of the instrumental aspect. Besides some breakdowns, there are some jazzy and melodic themes, and I think the band managed to write the most catchy chorus ever. And by the way, this solo is the one I like to play the most on the EP.”

– Zoltán Macher (guitar)

One song that you shouldn’t miss: “Parallel Realities”

Parallel Realities really deserves to be the title track of the EP. It perfectly captures everything you can expect from this five-track beast in a good way! It’s also perhaps the most technical and fast-paced song on the EP.

Why should “Parallel Realities” be your EP? If you like records with a shorter duration, but with plenty of depth, in which every single track is capable of knocking you over the wall, then you can’t go wrong with Parallel Realities. A superbly put together bunch of songs that are exciting, varied and also hard as a stone, strict and unrighteous, from the first tune of the EP opener ‘Breath of Oizys‘ to the last howl of ‘Divide‘!

What can we expect from the guys in the future?

“As usual, we’re working hard on new songs that we want to release in a very special way this year, but that’s a secret for now. This year we plan to keep on gigging and this summer we will have the opportunity to play at more festivals, which we are looking forward to!”


by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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