On The Horizon: Summiteer (08.28.) #2 /ENG/

The second article of On The Horizon focuses on Summiteer and his newly released album Wisdom Teeth. Building on post-grunge and punk rock styles, Summiteer gave us a diverse album which trustworthily mirrors the era’s atmosphere.

Musician: Summiteer

Album: Wisdom Teeth (2021)

Genres: Post-grunge, Punk rock

Summiteer’s backstory: Summiteer is a one-man project made by Tamás Szecsődi (guitarist and songwriter). The idea was born around the second half of 2010 while there were already made and half-made songs without lyrics in 2009. These songs were heavily influenced by Dave Grohl’s earlier Foo Fighters and the Late! album before that, which he wrote completely alone. Also these tracks started to show a similar concept so that they could be put together in an album. The recordings have already started in 2018, the goal was to make a complete album but the work was halted because of a half-year staying abroad then another year of waiting. The work continued in 2020 with the help of Marcell Oláh (ex-Borders of Byzantium). With this the concept was made clear: a post-grunge/punk rock album with an atmosphere and personal themes of 95’-05’.

Where do the name Wisdom Teeth come from? The album’s title was inpsired by the band Every Time I Die Exometrium’s song’s line “Wisdom teeth have replaced the fangs” which to Summiteer means the rough course of becoming an adult: everyone have to go through it if they don’t want the world to leave them behind. Just like getting the wisdom tooth out or finishing a solo album so the person can finally rest.

What kind of questions does Wisdom Teeth have? The lyrics of the songs are all about the hardship of being a young adult: How does it feel to leave behind your parental home to find a new one? Does it worth to go down the memory lane? How do you process of losing someone important? Does it worth to stay a child in the head or how to ask out the wraiths that cause your insomnia?

Apart from Marcell Oláh who else participated in the making of Wisdom Teeth? In the 1st and 7th songs Domonkos Papp with the bass; Dávid Szűcs sings in the third track and Gábor Kelemen with the drums in the fourth song. Additionally László Korcsmáros designed the cover of Wisdom Teeth.

Which bands had an impact on Wisdom Teeth? Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Propagandhi, Deftones, My Chemical Romance, Quicksand, Supernem, Auróra

Wisdom Teeth (2021)

  1. Time Warp
  2. Far From Home
  3. Nutmeg
  4. A Deer You Were
  5. Hell’s Garden (Late! cover)
  6. Greetings
  7. I.T.I.

Wisdom Teeth’s most popular track: Far From Home

Far From Home’s ear-catching refrain and instrumental which perfectly fits the style of Wisdom Teeth make the song decisive. The guitar and the drums follow the vocal, creating the ideal atmosphere. At some parts the guitar steps forward, becomes primal mainly in the intro (although the drums are also essential here) and in the bridge. In the verses we can hear that the tempo slows down, these are the calmer parts of the song while the chorus is the opposite. There the vocal, the drums and the guitar pumps up, giving us a huge energy boost!

Summiteer – Far From Home

What kind of songs can we expect? We get what the teaser for Wisdom Teeth says. We can go back two decades to relive that era’s mood. The resurrection of punk rock and the appearance of post-grunge by Foo Fighters give the backbone of the album. We can’t complain about the variety of the songs because we can hear slower and faster paced ones, also there are shorter and quite long tracks, each having completely different implementation. Also there is a cover: Hell’s Garden!

What can get your attention in Wisdom Teeth? The songs’ unique concepts, the already mentioned colorful and stylish design of both the vocal and the instrumental. A balanced and atmospheric album. This is Wisdom Teeth!

Bandcamp: https://summiteer.bandcamp.com/releases

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWI-hM7wIi3oY65Woa0fS7w

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Summiteermusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summiteermusic/

by: Wolfy & Shadow

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