On The Horizon: Sungazers (08.25.) #1 /ENG/

On The Horizon’s first featured musician is Sungazers (Gergő Géczi) who announced his new album with an honest song which at some parts is free from any preciosity, giving us a whole new experience. This is ‘Vagyok’! The track’s political and society based criticism doesn’t mean that it’s the backbone of the whole album because the rest of the songs focus more on the thoughts of the mind. But we can say for sure that we won’t get bored with the impulse rich tracks.

Musician: Sungazers

Song: Vagyok (2021)

Genre: Rock

Sungazers’ backstory: “I created Sungazers in 2014 as an experimental solo musical project which more or less followed through my growth with music and me becoming a producer. My first album was released in 2016, titled Eye Cant Act, after that came my EP Narrow Lungs in 2017. This time Sungazers became a band and we went on a smaller tour. We appeared as a part of the BanZaj event in Debrecen; in the ProgCamp festival and also we had a ProgRock night with Dreamgrave in the Grand Café in Szeged. In 2019 the project went solo again after I moved to Germany, here I finished my first hungarian EP Nostalgyland and my second album Wasting Space. Currently I’m working on Nostalgyland II., I plan to move back to Hungary and to reform the band.”

What is „Vagyok” about? The song’s concept move in two dimensions (as it is expected from Sungazers). On the surface it is a personal response to the current political and social problems and events in Hungary and globally. Beneath said surface it is about personal struggle, inner battles and the search for the self. Gergő shared with us why does he think that his song has actuality and also about the ideas he had for the videoclip:

„I think that it’s time for my generation due to various external and internal crisises to question themselves who am I, what is my place in the world, what can I do to guide these situations to a positive way. I think a lot of people can relate to this. About the clip I really wanted to make a fast paced video, where the song’s and the clip’s  rythm follows each other closely. Also I hide some symbols and easter eggs, so keep you eyes open!”


Why is „Vagyok” your song? If you like lyrics that doesn’t quibble, that gets to the point in no time, that is out of line but also creative then you are in the right place. Also the chorus can easily get your attention, expecially with the rock instrumental. _If you need some visual stimulation than don’t worry because the clip will surely live up to your expectations. To sum up Vagyok, we experience a song that goes on its own way and it can be appreciated in different ways depending on our music preferences but one thing can be said for sure, this track is not the same old story, it’s fresh, it’s new. A track that brings novelty!

Album coming soon: Nostalgyland II.

’Vagyok’ themes resonates with the entire album’s concept. It’s about finding the way, inner struggles, reacting to the current situations, of course in a personal tone. I want it to be a deliverance over the numerous absurd processes that are uncomprehensible. Regarding the music we can say that it had a 180 degree turn during the making of it. Previously the records had english lyics and a post-progressive genre, now it’s hungarian and is made in the nowadays very popular trends fused in a rock style. According to Sungazers:

He tries to keep his music’s dark and weirdo characteristics but we also get 80s GTA Vice City vibes, hungarian new wave trap like tone and lyrics, massive guitar themes, hungarian alter-tantrum and Radiohead beeps.

It is Nostalgyland II. because the first one (also operating with extreme genres) was the first 3 tracks small EP of Gergő that had hungarian lyrics (released in September 2019). This new album will hopefully gets released this year!

What can we expect after these from Nostalgyland II.? Unusual, but enjoyable atmosphere and everything we can imagine based on the things mentioned above.

Nostalgyland II. will soon be released and you can get familiar with the songs on our page in forms of teasers!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJRLwiqx0ZZxB2_ssOQdXTQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sungazersmusic/

Bandcamp: https://sungazers.bandcamp.com/music?fbclid=IwAR0X0VwyV3IdIYH6uK7n7dF-QdKqfukyes-tegg_kHBwV8eNdj3jOQmksm8

by: Wolfy & Shadow

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