On The Horizon: Omega Diatribe (09.04.) #3 /ENG/

After their massive success with the videoclip for Parallel, the hungarian extreme groove metal band, Omega Diatribe has made a new clip for their opening song (You Can’t Save Me) of Metanoia album. Check their work below!

Band: Omega Diatribe

Song: You Can’t Save Me (2020)

Genre: Extreme Groove Metal

Omega Diatribe’s backstory: The band was founded by Gergő Hájer (ex-SyCo I) and Ákos Szathmáry (ex-Blindfold) in 2008. The main idea was that to create an extreme, grim, deep voiced metal music with polirhythmic elements. After the foundation, the next few years were about making an ideal band composition that could stand for the long run.

At the end of 2012/ the beginning of 2013 they released 3 demos which raised quite an interest for metal fans. After 2 years of hard work on the 21st October, 2013 they released their debut album IAPETUS. Thanks to this album Omega Diatribe has a growing reputation abroad too. Also they were placed number 2 in Hungary on the HangSúly music reward for the debuting album category. Their newest track that time was Hydrozoan Periods which was released on the 16th June, 2014 with the assistance of Kevin Talley. The band continued their cooperation with the american drummer and they created an EP title Abstract Ritual, it was released on the 26th February, 2015.

In 2016 Omega Diatribe has released a new song Contrist, after that their second album Trinity came out in April, 2018. The record was released worldwide both physically and digitally under the wings of Metal Scrap Records. In the 2019’s HangSúly Music Award the band won two awards, the Best Concert Band of the year and the Best Studio Production.

On the 4th September, 2020 the band’s third album Metanomia was released, they worked with the famous swedish producer Jens Bogren and this album was also released by the ukranian Metal Scrap Records in Europe, UK, Japan and the USA.

Current members:

  • Milán Lucsányi – vocals (2017- )
  • Gergő Hájer – guitar (2008- )
  • Tamás Höflinger – guitar (2017- )
  • Ákos Szathmáry – bass (2008- )
  • Dániel Szabó – drums (2021- )

What should you know about You Can’t Save Me and its videoclip? The song’s specialty is that we can hear the new drummer Dániel Szabó (ex-Ektomorf/Bloddy Roots) play in its new adaptation which was implemented by 515 Studio under the hands of Gergő Hájer (guitar).

The new clip was directed by Tamás Tarczi, the photographer was Bertold Brautigam, in the care of Thornfields Production. Tamás Tarczi (Thornfields Production), director of the videoclip said the followings about their work:

We were fortunate enough to work with Omega Diatribe this year too. I felt that last year’s cooperation was  fruitfull, we can work with the band really well, they are helpful and they trust my visions without any doubt, I can say that they are reliable. Working on the clip’s narrative was quite interesting because we picked a track to the story. The guys wanted to see my script’s (which is still in progress) opening sequence in their clip. We felt that the ‘You Can’t Save Me’ track was the one that resonated the most with the narrative because of the inability feeling. Both the inner and outer travels of my Transylvanian trip inspired the world that we can see, I hope that one day I can also present it in a movie.

Gergő Hájer (songwriter and guitarist) continued:

After the shooting of Parallel’s clip we decided to bind our work with Thornfields Production for and indefinite time regarding videoclips. It was the right choice because it was amazing to work with Tamás and we could count on him. He knows exactly what we want to see at the end of the work, and what fits the band. Spirituality is an important element of our music from the beginning and Tamás can represent it fantasticly on the screen through our music.

Ákos Szathmáry (bass) also added:

The 3 days of shooting was absolutely thrilling. Burying Milán and lighting his head on fire made amazing feelings in us. The dancers were mind-blowingly awesome, so much that to this very day I drop my jaws every time. Even for those who don’t connect with the music that much it is worth to watch the clip for these scenes I mentioned

Omega Diatribe – You Can’t Save Me (Official Music Video)

Why is ‘You Can’t Save Me’ your song? If you like music with darker tones and unrestful rhythm, ear-catching refrains with easy to chant lyrics or you want to create a Dante like atmosphere without any ritual then ‘You Can’t Save Me’ is your track! The music truly fits the lyrics’ feeling of not be able to do anything just to go with the flow until the outro leaving time to take another breath.

The upcoming Omega Diatribe tour: After the videoclip’s premier the band goes on a tour consisting of 18 stops in September which will be in 7 different countries (highly depending on the pandemic). Don’t miss it out if you can, it will be a blast!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/omegadiatribe

Instagram: https://instagram.com/omegadiatribeofficial

Website: https://omegadiatribe.com

by: Traidusk, Wolfy & Shadow

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