Review – Lorna Shore: …And I Return To Nothingness! EP (09.25.) /ENG/


Band: Lorna Shore (US)

Release Date: 2021. Augusztus 13.

Length: 18:22 (3 tracks)

Genre: Blackened Deathcore


  1. To The Hellfire (6:05)
  2. Of The Abyss (5:44)
  3. …And I Return To Nothingness (6:12)


The opening track of the EP is non other than the famous To The Hellfire. It truly stirred up the stagnant waters with its almost 4 million views! Let’s see why is everyone so excited about this besides the new singer Will Ramos’ skills. The track is around 6 minutes, it’s a lot so it’s natural to feel that it can become boring and repetitive. Luckily Lorna Shore doesn’t leave us hanging and can stay consistently interesting and creative. We don’t really feel that 6 minutes’ lengthiness, it enxourages us to play it again and again. The band stayed with their genre, giving us another blackened deathcore song which is a type of deathcore supported by black metal elements, it’s also carries a little symphonic tune. The song starts with an acoustic guitar, creating a melancholic atmosphere, then an electric guitar takes the lead, signaling us that something significant is coming. The first verse wakes everyone up I can guarantee that. We are treated with a incredibly fast and tireless grinding which is assisted by menacing riffs and epic symphonic play. The „armory” is further strengthened by a suprisingly rhythmical refrain and a gorgeous guitar solo. Although the secret weapon undoubtedly is Will Ramos and the certain final breakdown. Will is so confident about his voice and how to use it, like he was born for it. There is no scream technique he doesn’t show of in this song. Should it be glass scraping fry scream, or a guttural that can even challenge Alex Terrible’s vocal skills. Also we get a surprise by a Dickie Allen’s like goblin grunting. In total the track is an immensely heavy, yet disciplined, emotional and dark piece of work. I still haven’t recovered from the ending of the track. There is one small mistake I would like to highlight, at some parts the instrumental suppresses Will’s voice a little. Nevertheless we have an outstanding song!



Spoiler alert! Of The Abyss is the peak of the EP. While the first track is made „heavy” according to their discography the rest of the EP stands as a glimpse of what is yet to come, what direction the band heads for. In the future they aim for a more melancholic and symphonic atmosphere, but of course the thoughness and heavyness stays as a central element. Of The Abyss represents this new direction perfectly. There are much more symphonic parts (background choir and violins), we get more ear-catching, melancholic refrains, but it isn’t less heartbreaking and crushing like its predecessor. This song is a perfect fusion of the opening track which is the heaviest and the closing track which is the most melodic. In short we get: a fiercely strong atmosphere, a mindblowing breakdown and guitar solo, a beautiful melody with crazy vocals.



The EP’s closing and title track, the grand finale is …And I Return To Nothingness! As a little fact if we read the tracks’ titles together they add up a haiku (japanese poem style, it consists of 3 lines and doesn’t necessary rhyme)

“To the hellfire

Of the abyss

…And I return to nothingness”

The track itself is the least grinding one from the EP. The emphasis is more on the melodies and the epicness, giving a worthy closing. The chorus is the catchiest one and there are almost no breakdowns in the song. Of course there are some but the track misses out on the long and grandeur build up for the apocaliptic rampages. On the contrary we get the most amazing guitar solo out of the 3 tracks. At the end of the song the beat slows down closing with a magnificent symphonic part.



…And I Return To Nothingness is a work honed to the utmost perfection, created to be an appetizer for the fans, giving a little glimpse of what can they expect from the upcoming album. Also it was a convincing introduction of the new vocalist Will Ramos, who didn’t just take the previous members place with ease but he added new hights. If you like hardliner deathcore and epic melodies then you have to listen to this EP. A memorable piece of work!


Lorna Shore: An american deathcore band formed in New Jersey in 2010, they started their carrier with an EP called Triumph. Since then they have released 3 albums and 4 EPs, also they had many member and vocalist change throughout the years. Many famous singer were part of this formation, like Tom Barber (Chelsea Grin, Darko US) or CJ McCreery (ex-Sings Of The Swarm)

Current members: Adam Micco (guitar and bass), Andrew O’Connor (rhythmic guitar and bass), Austin Archey (drum) and Will Ramos (vocal)

by: Traidusk & Shadow

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