On The Horizon: Darkest Point (12.01.) #10 /ENG/

In this episode of On The Horizon you can learn about Darkest Point from California and about their two new singles which are the heralds of the debuting album coming next year.

Band: Darkest Point (USA)

Single(s): Nightmares, A World We Used To Know (2021)

Genre: Deahtcore

The backstory of Darkest Point: They are a 3 members formation from San Diego. The project started in 2017 when Steven Felsing with his brother Maddy Felsing decided to write truly hardcore music (therefore they chose deathcore) keeping in mind that they also wanted to have fun. Both were vocalists and songwriters and soon Alex Sevigny joined as the head of the instrumentals. Guitar, drums, mix, and everything nice!


Nightmares was the second song released by the band back in May, then in July it debuted on SLAM WORLDWIDE. Steven’s thoughts of Nightmares:

“Our song called Nightmares is about being stuck in a Nightmare where you can’t escape from. I wrote the song about people who suffer with night terrors and feeling like they are going insane but they’re not. I too suffer with having Nightmares so I hope our song relates to some who have Nightmares and feeling like they don’t have anyone who understands that they to also have bad Nightmares.”

– STEVEN FELSING, the singer of darkest point

Darkest Point – Nightmares

What kind of track do we get? Nightmares is a pretty massive single, because of the untiring temp and the almost 6 minutes long playtime. The song was inspired by nightmares which is perfectly represented by the instrumental. It punches us in the face out of nowhere like a sly fever dream. The chunky pounding is so intense and crushing like having someone sitting on our chest pushing us deeper and deeper. Probably it isn’t by chance as many people who suffer from sleep paralysis have experienced similar feelings. The symphonic elements that can be heard in the background add a quite ominous and threatening atmosphere (At some parts it reminds me of the early Make Them Suffer sound). Also we can hear more than one nasty breakdown throughout the song. The vocal contributes a lot the mood, it’s raw and filthy. It builds mainly on the false chords and gutturals. At some parts, for example at the beginning of a pre-breakdown there are some lines which were disorted at the mixing creating an otherworldly, menacing demonlike voice. which is a perfect nightmare material. All these elements produce an all-around undoubtedly annihilating deathcore song flavoured with some dark symphony.

If the song’s atmosphere got you in the feels then check out the band’s brand new release „A World We Used To Know”!

Darkest Point – A World We Used To Know

What should you know about Darkest Point? If you like the dark toned deathcore tracks, with low tunned guitars and chunky breakdowns then you should pay close attention to Darkest Point in the future. Especially now due to their first album coming next year with all its surprises!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darkestpointofficial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDWaOWzLAcavGjI7QNezqfA

Merch: darkestpoint.threadless.com

by: Traidusk, Wolfy & Shadow

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