On The Horizon: SNUMEN (03.17.) #18 /ENG/

The eighteenth episode of On The Horizon takes us to Germany, into an alternate world. Experience along with us SNUMEN’s latest EP, inspired by George Orwell’s famous book 1984 and Attack on Titan! Here’s No Way Out!


EP: No Way Out (2022)

Genre: Punk Rock, Post-Hardcore

The backstory of SNUMEN:

SNUMEN is a German punk rock band from the city of Ingolstadt. Their music is characterised by a punk rock sound combined with melodic guitar playing and duophonic choirs, accompanied by screams and metal riffs. The band’s life has been difficult in recent years, from the pandemic to the departure of founding member Rotti (bass). The band didn’t stop there: With the addition of Lorenz Hüttner, bassist of ska-punk band Rafiki, the guys gained new strength and in 2022, after 2 albums and 1 EP, they released their latest EP, No Way Out! The four-song EP is the first chapter of the forthcoming concept album “The Aftermath“.


  • This is not the end (EP) – 2012
  • No time to rest (LP) – 2014
  • SNU:MeN (LP) – 2017
  • No Way Out (EP) – 2022

Current line-up:

David Speth - vocals, guitar
Thomas Graf - guitar, vocals
Lorenz Hüttner - bass, vocals
Tom Ploner - drums

The one you shouldn’t miss: Decisions

Decisions is the third track on the EP. Its biggest strength is undeniably the catchy chorus, during which we are treated with screams alongside clean vocals for a post-hardcore experience. The song is basically punk rock influenced, but there is no lack of electronic elements! The vocals are made complete by the energetic guitar playing. The riffs are sonorous and have the right space to unfold. The more pleasant drumming, which plays more of a background role, should not be overlooked either, as it is essential for creating the atmosphere. Decisions is upbeat all the way through, operating with minor transition sections where the guitars and electronic elements allow us to catch our breath and then get back to the action! The outro ends the little more than 3 and a half minute adventure with a stylish, short piano performance.

SNUMEN – Decisions

Why should ‘No Way Out’ be your EP? No Way Out could be particularly tempting for those who are looking for a world defined by the already heralded 1984 and Attack on Titan, as well as Game of Thrones and The Matrix. Of all the tracks on the EP, 2084 is the clearest reference to the work that inspired it, but upon further delving into the lyrics, it’s easy to see the connections. The most important starting point is the common story of the four tracks. No Way Out is set in the former Germany, where only small groups of survivors still live. An unspecified catastrophe has changed the daily lives of the people and they are now forced to come together in a zone called The Ring to keep what hope humanity has left alive. The EP will reveal more details about the main challenges facing the inhabitants of The Ring. Corrupt government, an evil company and a variety of strange, dangerous creatures make the struggle of the survivors even more difficult. But what do the remaining three tracks, beyond the aforementioned Decisions, have in store for us? Prologue introduces us to this alternate universe. The slower tempo and the melancholic atmosphere suits this song very well, and the dynamic of the closing section gives us a taste of what the trio 2084, Decisions, No Way Out has to offer! In contrast to Prologue, 2084 is cheery, fast and interestingly has a melodic hardcore-like segment, which has made these few seconds my personal favourite of the EP as a whole. The foregrounding of the drums, the melodic guitar playing and the speech-like vocals are incredibly captivating! The final track on the EP is the title track No Way Out. With its diversity, I could briefly describe it as a fireworks display to close the first chapter. Punk rock, post-hardcore, melodic hardcore all wrapped up in one song. Three in one!

What can we expect from the upcoming concept album “The Aftermath”? The concept album is expected to give us a more detailed picture of this futuristic, somewhat tragic world. Musically, we are looking at an alternation of punk rock, post-hardcore and electronic components, so The Aftermath will undoubtedly be an exciting album for those who want to experience what No Way Out has created in a new guise! Also, punk rock fans may find SNUMEN‘s discography a new treat, so I could recommend it to them too, especially if they don’t mind a little extra spice!

If you don’t want to miss out on SNUMEN‘s concept album “The Aftermath“, or if you would like to know more about the band’s previous releases and the story behind the songs of No Way Out, you can find everything you need by following the links below!


by: Wolfy

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