On The Horizon: BIPØLARIS (04.07.) #19 /ENG/

BIPØLARIS, from Győr, Hungary, present you one of their biggest hits, Operencia, from their debut album Sagittarius A*, released last year! In the nineteenth On The Horizon you can find out a lot of interesting details about the band and the song in question! Let’s get to it!


Song: Operencia

Genre: Metalcore

The background to BIPØLARIS:

BIPØLARIS is a progressive, hardcore, punk, thrash and metal influenced band from Győr, active since 2018. After the 2019 Kapillárisok (Capillaries) EP and Szerotonin mezők (Serotonin Fields) EP, their first full-length album Sagittarius A* was released in 2021.
The studio recordings are 100% self-produced (W-Drum Home Studio) and the videos are either self-produced or self-directed, in collaboration with artists such as Mihasznafilm, thus expanding the meaning of the songs.
The lyrics touch on the themes of faithless emigration (Szélrózsa), toxic relationships (Szirtek, Maszk, Az Ács), and nightmares and awake dreams (Éber), which are a constant source of mental distress for our generations. The record of Sagittarius A* is partly a turbulent emotional projection (Szerotonin mezők) surrounding adulthood, a search for happiness and bliss (Averzió), and partly a recognition that we know as little about the soul within our bodies as we do about the universe around us, thus drawing a parallel between the nature of a self-destructive human mind and the nature of a black hole (Sagittarius A*). Of course, a critique of the system… (Szinapszisok), a lot of critique of the system… (Operencia). Furthermore, the album contains the soundtrack of a future animated film “Wolf’s Island“, also produced by the band.


  • Kapillárisok (EP) – 2019
  • Szerotonin mezők (EP) – 2019
  • Sagittarius A* (LP) – 2021

Current line-up:

Attila "Soma" Németh - Vocals
Ádám Kis - Bass 
Adrián Gede - Guitar
Áron Borbély - Drums

What is ‘Operencia’ about? Learn more about the thoughts, references and uniqueness behind Operencia through the words of Attila “Soma” Németh, the frontman of BIPØLARIS:

“I like this song a lot because it has a lot of memories. I’ve previously mentioned that for me, songwriting is also a diary, and whenever this song comes up, for example at a concert, this storm of memories always hits me. It might sound a bit strange in this form, but if you don’t mind, I’ll list some references to the song:
Here we go!
1.) The intelligence quotient, as such, of course, was left over after the words of Dr. Scarecrow in The Tale of Pest: Pesti mese (Óz a nagy varázsló) – YouTube
2.) Then, the three beggars from Lars von Trier’s Anarchist: pain, grief and doubt.
Lars von Trier’s Three Beggars in ANTICHRIST – a Behind the Scenes documentary – YouTube
3.) Then a brief glimpse of the parasitic roots of The Little Prince.
4.) Then I quote my grandmother’s words, when in one of her stories someone “becomes enraged with helplessness” („megdühödik a tehetetlenségtől” in Hungarian). I loved that structure, that phrase. It has an amazing pulsation and power.
5.) The line “if you face yourself” („ha magaddal szembe nézel”) is a Lépéselőny reference: Lépéselőny Tiszta kép – YouTube
6.) The cold absurdity of steel machines stems from a S.O.A.D. song and a mishearing on the way to work. System of a Down – Attack Lyrics – YouTube 
7.)  Húsfal (“Meat Wall”) was the title of an album by KEVÉS, released back in 1996. Húsfal — Kevés | Last.fm
8.) The rage that shakes the country comes from a Furakor song (from 2009) Furakor – Huszonegy km Beatmarket – YouTube
I strung these inspirations on an imaginary axis, and then added my own words to create a train of thought.
This, I believe, is a faithful reflection of the zeitgeist and the infuriating, barren hopelessness that holds youth at bay in Hungary, mixed with divisiveness and a constantly frustrating sense of devaluation… in all areas.
One more thing:
In the middle of the track, “Anger Rap” is a fantasy of a rampaging protest, as a crowd protesting (precisely, for the reasons previously mentioned) rises up and storm the parliament building.
Thank you!”



Why should ‘Operencia’ be your song? Its slightly melancholic atmosphere and the mid-tempo snatch of rap in the mid-part give the song a great identity of its own, offering a great entry point for those who are just getting to know the band’s work. If you like the fast-paced smash and the raw, scratchy vocals of the hardcore genre, and system-critical lyrics that are not subtle but still demanding and well-written, then give Operencia a try, you won’t regret it! (And the dog in the clip is an extra point!)

What can we expect from BIPØLARIS in the future? The band is certainly looking forward to a busy (and loud) summer, as they will be performing at a number of prestigious events. You can catch them at Hell Vill Festival in Felsőtárkány from 17 to 19 June and at Fishing On Orfű from 29 June to 2 July. Before that, you can meet them in Győr on 14 May as guests of the band Téveszme! Only the future will tell what else they have up their sleeves!

If you’re interested in BIPØLARIS, you can find everything related to the guys at the following links: songs, concerts and all the good stuff!


by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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