On The Horizon: Sundayze (04.15.) #20 /ENG/

In the twentieth episode of On The Horizon, the universe of the Mexican-American solo project Sundayze is revealed through his latest single, Ex Nihilo. If you’ve always been impressed by lyrics that touch on heavier themes, along with alternative rock, and if you’re looking for a treat among the gems of underground music, don’t miss this episode!

Musician: Sundayze (MEX/USA)

Song: Ex Nihilo

Genre: Alternative Rock

The backstory of Sundayze:

Sundayze (aka Heriberto Delgado Jr.) is a Mexican American musician who grew up in a Calexico, a town on the US/Mexico border. Growing up, he commuted between the USA and Mexico on a daily basis. To him, his situation is not special. In fact, he’s sure others can relate to the struggles that come from living in two different worlds. Sundayze lacked many things growing up, but the one thing he always had was the love and support of his parents. He says, “I believe that the unconditional love and support of my parents was what ultimately gave me the courage to start playing music. I was a very introverted teen and when I got my first acoustic guitar everything changed. That guitar gave me purpose, motivation, and desire to learn and grow. Eventually, I started my first metalcore/scene band and that’s when I knew that music would always be a part of my life. All these experiences culminated when I decided to start Sundayze, my solo project, which delves more into the alternative rock realm. I was at a point in my life where I felt emotionally repressed, so I started writing lyrics and singing them. Day by day I realized how much this helped me get all the negativity out of my heart and thoughts. My hope is to hopefully connect with people around the world through my music.” –EarshotMedia


  • Mas Alla (Single) – 2019
  • From Me to You (EP) – 2019
  • Room To Grow (Album) – 2021
  • Ex Nihilo (Single) – 2022


Heriberto Delgado Jr. – vocals, guitar, programmed elements

What is ‘Ex Nihilo’ about?

“I can consider 2021 to be the most difficult year I have ever faced in my life. I lived and experienced a traumatic event that drove me to the edge of madness, heck I even tried to take my life twice. Even though I was in so much visceral and emotional pain, my faith, my family and loved ones ultimately helped me push myself back to reality. That feeling led to a moment of hubris and I began making music.
Ex Nihilo explores my journey of rejecting any material and emotional connections I had during my depression. I had lost a part of myself and the lyrics reflect a cry for help to return to a more stable life.
I wrote this piece with the hope that my experience can be a relatable one to any listener who is going or has lived a traumatic experience; you can make it too.”


Sundayze – Ex Nihilo 

Why should ‘Ex Nihilo’ be your song? Ex Nihilo is a painful but undeniably beautiful personal experience, executed in the most sophisticated way possible. The lyrics, as has already been revealed, are a way of coming to terms with a terribly difficult time. A journey from hell to heaven. All this comes through perfectly in just over 3 minutes of emotional rollercoaster. Guitars and programmed drums lead the song off with a short but pleasant intro to set off on a trip through all that lies behind Ex Nihilo. The lighter vocal-guitar segment following the intro gradually transforms to be joined by the drums (again) with keyboard accompaniment. Once the chorus is reached, the song is fully up to speed, thanks to energetic drumming and well thought-out, precisely executed vocals. The drum, bass and keyboard parts are programmed as a result of the solo project status, but this doesn’t detract from the value of Ex Nihilo, even more! You can see that Sundayze has put a lot of time and energy into the song and it is worth mentioning how well the different components fit together. There’s a real sense of a combination of strengths. Nothing is lost that shouldn’t be. The balance also seems to be ideal. The melancholic verses, pleading for hope, and the pulsating choruses, capturing a sense of moving beyond the dead end, make an enjoyable mixture. The tense yet uplifting repetition of ‘Ex Nihilo’ swallows us up for the second chorus, giving us fresh breath. This interlude “Ex Nihilo”, especially with the shouts of “From Nothing”, alone gives me what I love about this song! The success of atmospheric creation is crucial to a song. Ex Nihilo does not disappoint in this respect either and many will find a new favourite track. There is no doubt that the stated goal has been achieved: listening to this song will give us the strength to overcome the challenges ahead! It’s the perfect choice both for motivation and simple, everyday enjoyment!

What can we expect from Sundayze in the future? Judging from the songs already released, we don’t have to worry that Ex Nihilo is just a one-off, well-made song. Run Away, Sick Days and Gone from Sundayze’s first album, among other songs, guarantee that there’s something to look forward to for the next big thing from the solo project! There is plenty to get excited about!

If Ex Nihilo has caught your interest and you can’t stop with just one track, you can find all the available songs of Sundayze and learn when to expect something new by following the links below!


by: Wolfy

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