Discovery – Berliose #12 (04.27.) /ENG/

In the twelfth part of Discovery, we asked the members of Berliose about their latest song, Shreddie Prinze Jr. and the video clip for the song. The alternative rock band, which also draws from the emo genre, also talks about their previous releases and their upcoming concert dates and venues! Come and check out the band’s new release with us!

Band: Berliose (HUN)

Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Emo

Current line-up:

  • Attila Nagy – drums
  • Ádám Bozó – guitar
  • Norbert Püsök – guitar
  • Norbert Tóth – bass guitar
  • Zsombor Sasvári – vocals
Sleep Without You (Album) - 2018
Lungtrust (Single) - 2021
Shreddie Prinze Jr. (Single) - 2022

Where did the name Berliose come from? What is the theme of Shreddie Prinze Jr. What do the guys enjoy most about making music? What can we expect from them in the future? All these questions will be answered! Let’s go!

How would you describe yourselves in a few words?

Sad melodies, comedy on stage.

Where did the band name Berliose come from? Whose idea was it?

Ádám: We wanted a name that sounded good but didn’t necessarily say much. I watched The Aristocats and there was a cute kitten in it called Berliose. As we grew up on Linkin Park, not classical music, we didn’t know about the composer until later… We wanted to distance ourselves from him, so we spelled the name a bit differently.

What bands or musicians have inspired you?

We have many favourites in common, such as Citizen, Brand New and Bring Me The Horizon, who have inspired us all. On top of that, everyone adds their own favourites to the mix. Some people prefer post-rock, others emo or metalcore.

Do you have any personal favourites from your songs released so far? If so, why would you choose it?

Ádám: Although, I am very proud of Shreddie Prinze Jr., the title track of our debut album Sleep Without You will always be my favourite. Both because of the lyrics and because the solo at the end is my favourite guitar theme I’ve ever written.

Norbi P.: Although I joined the band later and I didn’t write it, I like playing Autumn the most in concerts.

Norbi T.: Shreddie Prinze Jr. is my favourite song because there’s finally some shouting.

Zsombi: The song closest to my heart is Summer’s Third, because I wrote it about my mother. I really like singing this song live, I think it helped a lot. Of course, other than that, I think our last two songs are the best.

You have just released your new single Shreddie Prinze Jr.! What was the reason for this choice of title?

Zsombi: It was my Tinder biography.

Ádám: It was either that or the G-roby Downey Jr.

What is the theme of Shreddie Prinze Jr.? Do you write more personal lyrics based on your own experiences or do you prefer more general stories and life situations that many people are familiar with?

Zsombi: I usually write the lyrics, which are actually all about my personal problems, so it’s always a difficult moment when I show them to others. However, I try to present it in a way that others can put their own experiences on it, like in the case of Shreddie. Mostly it’s about when you’re in a fundamentally good place, but you’re not satisfied and you want to go somewhere else that’s not real anymore, but it’s yours and you’re alone. It could be a relationship, a place, an apartment, or a particular time in your life that you like to think back on.

The music video for the song is undeniably atmospheric. How did the concept for the clip come about? Did you have any other ideas or was it a no-brainer for you that you wanted something like this?

Botond Tobai, who we worked with on the previous clip, is a specialist when it comes to this effected, glitchy VHS visuals. Once we saw his work, it was obvious that it would fit the song. Which might also be interesting to note that there was a lot of precise 4K footage, with carefully thought out costumes, and there was also discussion about a samurai sword.

You are primarily associated with the alternative rock and emo genres, but nu-metal and metalcore also show up in places. What other genres would you most like to play, even if it’s just for one song?

We’d like to bring back the early 2000s vibe, and we also have a secret desire to release a grindcore record.

Is there any venue that is an absolute bucket list item for you guys to play? Which band/supporting band would you most enjoy the company of?

We don’t really have any dream venues, we just want to play in front of an audience who are genuinely curious to see us perform. The band we would most like to play with is Citizen.

Norbi T.: For me, Hell Vill was the venue. Last year, it became a reality.

What do you enjoy most about making music? Why would you advise someone to pursue a musical ambition?

Norbi T.: What I enjoy the most is when I put a song together during rehearsal and when I can see the joy we all have in making music together.

Ádám: When I have an idea in my head and I can follow it through to a whole song.

Norbi P.: When I’m not the only one crying on my guitar themes, it moves other people as well, and when I can jump off the stage.

Zsombi: I love typing songs into Guitar Pro and then going crazy to them at concerts.

What are your main ambitions for the coming years?

We want to write as many songs as possible that we can listen to with pleasure, and to make sure that in twenty years’ time the youth will be ironically listening to our hits.

Finally, when and where can they see you next?

On 30 April at Auróra, on 13 May at the Grand Café in Szeged, and on 28 May in Veszprém at the Terem.

If you are curious about Shreddie Prinze Jr. and would like to hear more songs from Berliose, or if you don’t want to miss out on the band’s latest announcements and concert dates, you can follow all the news by using the links below!


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