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Fortunately, this year we can’t complain about better and better releases when it comes to metalcore EPs and albums. Narrowing the field down to the underground, Sweden’s Grayscale Season and their latest record ‘Do You Like Violence‘ has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the year overnight. The band has not yet reached the point of a breakthrough, but they are without a doubt one of the musical projects with a lot of potential and they are on their way to not remaining unnoticed. In this article, we’ll only focus on the album’s closing track, ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth‘, but it’s definitely worth exploring the other tracks as well, as the quality is nowhere in question. Come and join us in the realm of pain and pleasure!

Band: Grayscale Season (SWE)

Song: Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth

Genre: Metalcore

The backstory of Grayscale Season:

Grayscale Season started back in 2012 in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Kungsbacka is the lonely cousin of Gothenburg, which is famous for its metal scene. With two singles, an EP and two albums under their belt, the band reached a new milestone in April 2022! With the release of their third album ‘Do You Like Violence‘, they have clearly set their sights on the next step to success.


  • Drown (Single) – 2013
  • Grayscale Season (EP) – 2014
  • Head to Mist (Album) – 2016
  • Alligator Arm (Single) – 2018
  • Everything Hurts (Album) – 2019
  • Do You Like Violence (Album) – 2022

Current Line-up:

Eddie Lejhagen: Vocals
Richard Sörensen: Guitar
Adam Dahlman: Bass & Clean vocal
Lowe Carlsenfors: Drums

What is ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth’ about?

“I lost a ton of weight during 2019/2020. That gave me a huge amount of perspective, both towards myself and what it can mean for others. In total I lost 80kg or 176 lb. It made me think a lot about what beauty is, what social effects come with being overweight. People treated me much nicer, things in life got easier.
Was it all because of the weight loss? Hell no! The way I viewed myself was different, of course people treat you differently then too. I wasn’t happy back then, at least not with the way I looked. I am now though and I can really appreciate the fact that life got easier from it.”


What should we know about the structure of the song?

“As for the structure of the song, Richard was paramount. Richard is a killer fucking songwriter and he has a great outsiders perspective. He can come in and listen to a “finished” product and say exactly what it’s missing. The missing part was the beautiful distorted guitar chords at the end. “


Grayscale Season – Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth

Why should ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth’ be your song? I could answer this question at length about ‘Do You Like Violence‘, as there are plenty of thoughts and emotions that are brought to the surface after listening to the album. Even on an EP, the opening and closing songs can be cardinal, but this is especially true for a full length album. ‘Pink Mist‘, which is the first of thirteen tracks, is also a superbly composed production that offers a unique experience. Listening to this track, we get on that emotional rollercoaster ride that never lets us go for a moment until the end of ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth‘, only loosening the grip sometimes. Just knowing these two songs alone, you can tell that this 49-50 minutes will be something that cannot be described. A journey we will never forget. But let’s get to the point! The intro of the song is slow and sweet, reminds me of the atmosphere of Ulver‘s ‘Silence Teaches You How to Sing’ (obviously only parts of it due to its 24 minute length). At the same time, you can feel the calm and the fact that this idyll is going to hurt. Adam’s angelic voice is also the beginning of a self-skinning amazingness! Hand in hand with the melancholic guitar playing, the heart is broken into pieces in the best possible way. After the roughly 50 second intro we get a taste of the first third of the lyrics:

"I’m just simply built wrong
I wasn’t made for this world
I don’t think I’ll be happy here anymore
I won’t survive my twenties
I’ll scream out my lungs
Now let’s make those teeth leave your pretty mouth"

The clean vocals are phenomenal. You can breathe into the lyrics! Everything that is in ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth’ comes alive before our eyes: self-hatred, despair or even unhappiness. In order to allow the heavier and heavier lines to begin to settle, we slip again into an instrumental section, which, following the pattern of the intro, is lighter, but only at first. The drums kick in, the tempo picks up and the tension builds! This time the lyrics get shiveringly real with the dirty vocals. Furthermore, the iconic line ‘Do You Like Violence‘ is heard straight away:

"Do you like violence?
Do you
I am fucking starving
Am I beautiful?
Am I
Stop eating, you fat fuck
I wish I was happy
I wish I was
I wish
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
I'll tell you all about pain, ask me anything
Now let's make those teeth leave your pretty mouth
I won’t survive my twenties
I’ll scream out my lungs
Now let’s make those teeth leave your pretty mouth"

Looking at the lyrics, one might wonder how it was written with such raw honesty, but I think it only benefits from this direct, unsubtle wording! The combination of dirty vocals and clean vocals is beautiful, the two really fit together. With the strong presence of guitar and drums, step by step we come to the peak, but before that, there is a short breather. Next comes the last 1,5 minutes and the emotional saturation with the restless, chaotic repetition of the refrain and the distorted guitar chords! Here we are drifting with the current. As we get to the outro, the instruments gradually fade away, leaving the vocals and screams alone for the finale. The closing of the song is a magnificent, fitting end to ‘Do You Like Violence’! It started at the top and ended there.

How would we rate the band’s latest album called ‘Do You Like Violence’? As I have already mentioned, a look at the album itself would be well worth a separate article or a track-by-track discussion. ‘Pink Mist’ and ‘Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth’ are just the beginning and the end. In between the two songs, you can listen to tracks like ‘Side Effects‘ with Calle Thomér (Vildhjarta), ‘Summer‘, which portrays love inspired by Swedish traditions, or ‘Pillow Grin‘, which differs from the album’s style and has its very unique video clip. How much do we recommend listening to ‘Do You Like Violence’ as a whole? I think you know the answer to that! Don’t hesitate and dive deeper! You only have to answer one question before you start: do you like violence?

If that’s not enough for you and you’re interested in the pre and post ‘Do You Like Violence‘ era of Grayscale Season, you can find the band by following the links below!


by: Wolfy

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