Snack #5: BANNERS – Keeps Me Going /08.11./ ENG.

After many months of silence, BANNERS has released another catchy track! Following the holiday songs, a new track has been added to his repertoire more than half a year later. The song ‘Keeps Me Going‘ doesn’t miss the usual soft sound, which we can sing along with the singer. If you like modern songs with meaning behind them, then this article is for you!

Musician: BANNERS (UK)

Song: Keeps Me Going

Genre: Indie Pop

Release Date: 2022/07/12

Label: –

Why should “Keeps Me Going” be your song? BANNERS, aka Michael Joseph Nelson, is an up-and-coming musician, and the guitar is an essential instrument in his songs, as he also plays the guitar in addition to the vocal parts. His best known track is ‘Someone to You‘, which features a tambourine as an addition to the guitar, giving the song a much brighter sound. ‘Keeps Me Going’ also follows this tradition, and has a much happier feeling than the previous track. The guitar and tambourine combo is accompanied by piano and drums in a perfect harmony. The drums and the piano are soothing and deeper than the tambourine, which gives BANNERS’ tracks a much more varied sonority. The lyrics and instruments therefore add a wide range of emotions to the value of the song. Sometimes sad things happen in life, which I think the piano and the drums can symbolise very well in music. However, we also have beautiful, joyful moments that resonate like a tambourine or the strumming of a guitar. The harmony of the instruments and the lyrics is perfect, beautifully executed. There’s also something of a connection between the lyrics of ‘Someone to You’ and ‘Keeps Me Going’. The former song is much sadder in its lyrics and the use of instruments is more piano based. The new song is much more joyful, primarily defined by the tambourine. The lyrics of ‘Someone to You’ shine a ray of hope yet it’s about loneliness. It’s about the desire to have someone who will make our existence matter, who will be our home and fill our hearts with warmth when we think of them. As a continuation of this, the lyrics of ‘Keeps Me Going’ already have that person who is there to call you home and support you when you’re going through a difficult time and know exactly what you need. My personal favourite part is the last chorus, where you hear only the piano and a hummed melody during the first few sentences.

„I've been high, I've been low When I get lost along this road There's a voice that calls me home And keeps me going”

Then, in the second part of the chorus, all the instruments join in, jingling, just like when the sun comes out from behind the clouds:

„And if I win, or if I lose I will always make it through Because I know that I got you To keep me going” 

I hope you’ll find the part of this song that can be dear to your heart, both in terms of the instrumental and the lyrics!

BANNERS – Keeps Me Going


by: drksnIght & Wolfy

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