Spotlight – Hilltops Are For Dreamers: In Disbelief (06.02) /ENG/

The second episode of our latest series features the British-Greek band Hilltops Are For Dreamers, who have just released their very first studio album, In Disbelief! Now you can read about this album and more from the band themselves! Let’s get started!

Band: Hilltops Are For Dreamers (UK/GRC)

Album: In Disbelief

Genre(s): Black Metal, Metalcore, Post-Rock

Release Date:  2022/03/24

In Disbelief is a musically very diverse album. On the one hand, it is atmospheric, as the first half of the eight tracks is more angry and scratchy than the second half, which features more clean vocals and heart-warming melodies with each track. Of course there is some overlap, with a bit of sulking towards the end and some soft musing at the beginning. In terms of sound, it’s not exactly the usual metal record either, the band has put a lot of effort into experimenting in order to bring as many new elements as possible into their music. And it worked! Sugar, spice, and everything nice. It has everything you need! From the very surprising jazzy elements (Healing After The Fall), to the black metal rattling chorus (Silence), to the tightly paced chorus of post-hardcore. There are also breakdowns from metalcore (The Sirens Woe). For me, personally, “The Tide” was definitely my favourite! I’m curious to see what they come up with in the future!

What the album is about?

“Have you ever been in a gloomy and emotional state of mind? I bet you have. The album is a journey from that harbour to a possible healing point through the process of realisation. It is divided in three parts, Shadows, which is the dark unfolding of the path, Overturn, where the growing consciousness leads to the hope of a better self, and Awakening, that depicts a moment of revival and prospective remedy. ‘In Disbelief’ has a loose concept and it’s not a story-telling album from the point of having a main character or hero. However, each of the songs have a lyrical and musical theme that match with the part where they belong to. The sound and the music are so unique and personal, whilst at the same time anyone could find these elements they really like and attach to them respectively. ‘In Disbelief’ explores different musical genres and spans from mellow to extreme, while stays faithful to melody and heaviness. The band moves away from its metalcore past, but keeps some of these roots blended with various influences from the wider metal scene, allowing them to experiment with new and unpaved paths at the same time. The band is very proud to be part of Rockshots Records, making this album the first official label release. The future seems to be bright and there is nothing to stop it!”

Which song is the most personal for you on „In Disbelief”?

“The song ‘Revival‘. The first single and personal favourite. One of the best tracks I have written. In my opinion (Vasilis), it is a very open-minded track. I believe it’s a mix of all my influences, starting from electronic and jazz music and moving to extreme metal respectively. This is why the song is accompanied with an animated music video. Lyrically, this is realisation, where you understand all these messages from the past, your nightmares and the signs. You might have ignored them and took some risks, but you understand now. It’s never too late.”

What are your future plans?

“We are in progress of building a full member band. The purpose is to move from studio project to real rehearsing one and ready for gigs. Also, there is material for the next album already in place and it’s about making sure that’s fit for purpose. So, gigs and new music.”

If you are interested in the album In Disbelief or if you would like to know more about Hilltops Are For Dreamers then you can find all the contacts below!

Hilltops Are For Dreamers

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