On The Horizon: RIVER STOLE GODS (10.27.) #26 /Eng./

In our new On The Horizon episode we gonna take a look at the modern metalcore band from Germany called RIVER STOLE GODS and their upcoming song trilogy’s first track, “Holding On“! Let’s dive into it!


Song: Holding On

Genre: Metalcore

The backstory of “RIVER STOLE GODS”:

Emerging in Spring 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, RIVER STOLE GODS play Modern Metalcore with progressive impulses and prove courage to a complex, rhythm-driven music style. After leaving first creative fingerprints with their previous releases, the ‘New Eyes‘ Trilogy will mark a tremendous turning point in the history of RIVER STOLE GODS. Heavier than ever, the band embarks on a unique audio-visual journey to present the most matured material RIVER STOLE GODS have written up to date.


Sky Architects Deluxe (2020) - EP 
Apparitions (2020) - EP 
Holding On (2022) - Single

Current Line-up:

  • Lasse Janßen (vocals)
  • Raphael Kalinowski (guitar)
  • Adam Reuter (bass)

About the trilogy:

“The ‘New Eyes‘ Trilogy explores the transcendence of a materialistic worldview towards one based on consciousness. Lyrically this is treated in a metaphor about a mighty emperor, who on his deathbed realizes that his desires for wealth and power were ultimately in vain, that he wasted his chance to explore life and his self.”

“A king to the world, yet to me I’m strange.“

River Stole Gods // Holding On (Official Music Video)

The story behind “Holding On”:

“During ‘Holding On‘ the emperor is still prior to this realization. He is proud, breasts himself with his achievements of conquest and still believes he can build an eternal kingdom.”

“The empire must forever stand.“

Why should “Holding On” be your song? If you like metalcore packed with blast beats and breakdowns, with vocals that are sometimes even lean into deathcore’s territory and also with very atmospheric clean singing then ‘Holding On‘ is for you! If you also like the song trilogy format that has become so popular these days, you might want to give the upcoming sequels a try as well!

What we can expect in the near future from RIVER STOLE GODS? As the band wants to create a trilogy, of which “Holding On” is only the first step, two more songs will be added in the near future. The second is planned for this year, and the final track will be released in 2023! What else is in that particular bag, apart from the triple act “New Eyes“, remains to be seen.


by: Traidusk & Wolfy

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