Snack #1: Keepsake – Stargazing /07.02./ ENG.

The three-song debut EP "Slowburn" by the Australian band Keepsake was released last year, in April. About a year on from its debut, the journey continues and a new single gives us a more accurate picture of the band's universe. Let's see how Stargazing turned out!

On The Horizon: Grayscale Season (06.30.) #22 /ENG./

Fortunately, this year we can't complain about better and better releases when it comes to metalcore EPs and albums. Narrowing the field down to the underground, Sweden's Grayscale Season and their latest record 'Do You Like Violence' has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the year overnight. The band has not yet reached the point of a breakthrough, but they are without a doubt one of the musical projects with a lot of potential and they are on their way to not remaining unnoticed. In this article, we'll only focus on the album's closing track, 'Now Let's Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth', but it's definitely worth exploring the other tracks as well, as the quality is nowhere in question. Come and join us in the realm of pain and pleasure!

Discovery – Berliose #12 (04.27.) /ENG/

In the twelfth part of Discovery, we asked the members of Berliose about their latest song, Shreddie Prinze Jr. and the video clip for the song. The alternative rock band, which also draws from the emo genre, also talks about their previous releases and their upcoming concert dates and venues! Come and check out the band's new release with us!

Discovery – ZIVATAR #11 (04.20.) /ENG/

This time you can get to know ZIVATAR, a band from Heves County (Hungary), playing doom metal spiced with industrial elements, interpreted by the singer (Attila Petheő)! We will talk about defining bands, the meaning of songs and the future goals of the band! Let's see what's going on in Gyöngyös!

On The Horizon: Sundayze (04.15.) #20 /ENG/

In the twentieth episode of On The Horizon, the universe of the Mexican-American solo project Sundayze is revealed through his latest single, Ex Nihilo. If you've always been impressed by lyrics that touch on heavier themes, along with alternative rock, and if you're looking for a treat among the gems of underground music, don't miss this episode!

Discovery – Lakható Sár #10 (04.13.) /ENG/

The tenth episode of Discovery takes us into the waters of garage rock, alter and surf punk! Hovahaza, the debut album of Lakható Sár, was released last year, bringing something new for the fans of these styles. You can find out more about the album and one of its songs, Csirkedal, which received a music video, by reading this article, along with the band's backstory! Stay tuned this time too!

On The Horizon: BIPØLARIS (04.07.) #19 /ENG/

BIPØLARIS, from Győr, Hungary, present you one of their biggest hits, Operencia, from their debut album Sagittarius A*, released last year! In the nineteenth On The Horizon you can find out a lot of interesting details about the band and the song in question! Let's get to it!

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